There’s two kinds of socialists, amirite

Democrat socialists, then revolutionary socialists

With democrat socialists trying to legislatively expand the public safety net within a democratic mixed economy, and relying on progressive taxation to pay for it…

Revolutionary socialists want to forcefully upend the system and redistribute its equity, then forcibly maintain the redistribution, with [dystopic] egalitarianism being the moral attribute that justifies any action to further it.

I been noodling this a while with Bernie.  He says he’s a Democrat socialist, but getting to know him this year as we have I did not discern there was actually any evidence that demonstrated his commitment to ‘Democrat socialism’ besides his assertion. It’s just that he lives in America, and to the point of futility  it’s less practical here to conduct a Marxist revolution than other places it’s been done, and he knows that.

But it’s not that he doesn’t approve of it where it has been done….

… along with the whole you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet construct where you imprison dissidents and kulaks in the name of egalitarian health care, etc.

Good on Hillary, you could actually sense a bit of sincerity in her contemptuousness for this.


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