Trade: who is betrayed, on what, by who?

Trump won Michigan last night, and so did Sanders.  Ya know, Trump wins in part because his attitude appeals to certain [prole mobs of ignorant, misanthropic] people.  This is a well-regarded JMM column from a couple days ago, even the Powerline guys like it.  I like it.

But we’re also to understand that past the veneer of bravado and BS, Trump is making an articulated argument about trade.

And an indicator of the potency of this issue might be why Sanders won Michigan last night too…

I tell ya, such that the GOP has got a schismatic problem with its blue collar base, it ain’t because its ‘betraying’ these people on trade.  The GOP embraces free trade, that’s the Fing party platform plank, they haven’t chumped anyone on it, and they are on the side of wisdom in their position that free trade is a positive.  I’ll stand on that as unassailable; free trade is good, free trade moves progress, and if you understand otherwise because we don’t have $16/hr assembly jobs like we used too…. you’re wrong.

Not that it isn’t an electoral problem, now that we find out we have a lot of white blue collar ex-Democrats who moved into the party probably because of cultural reasons don’t agree with our economics and are going to blow up our election…. but I don’t know what you do about it when the party’s institutional wisdom is in the right and an election tipping part of the base is wrong.  We supposed to embrace the wrong position to please the base?


One thought on “Trade: who is betrayed, on what, by who?

  1. pm1956

    I agree with you 100% on the trade issue. Free trade is good, and we all benefit from it. Of course, some benefit more, and those who benefit the least are the ones who lose jobs and are not able (for a variety of reasons–education, age, location, etc) to get similarly compensated replacement jobs. I assume that you are with me so far….

    But it is the next step where we might differ. I think that it is an appropriate role for government to step in at this point and offer help to those who are hurt by freer trade. I think, ideally, that help should be focused on mobility and flexibility issues–re-training, moving to where new jobs are, education, things like that. And there will be some who simply aren’t able to adjust to the new world system (and lost jobs) who probably need to go on some sort of long term assistance, or get early access to Social Security, etc.

    FWIW, this is what we are seeing on the Range. I have relatives in da UP who have also been thru this (best option for many of them has been to become prison guards after National Guard service).


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