We caucused the shit out of Super Tuesday

We went, me and the not yet 12 year old.

I don’t know if the Ponies max out the parking lot for a football game (and this is a big, relatively new suburban high school).  Parking was maxed out for this.  SAHS was strictly a Republican venue for the evening.

There was a pretty Trumpy vibe to the affair, though I don’t expect he did consistently better here than he did the rest of Minnesota. You could pick out the cranks even if they weren’t talking a lot, and there was plenty of them.  That’s whats going on, a crank infestation.  The degree it goes on varies by location ya figure.

I live in a bedroom village that even many people in Washington county haven’t heard of…. It’s small.  We went into a precinct room with the incorporated river enclave that is next to ours, Lakeland Shores.  It went thus:

Lakeland Shores (was just a couple households attending obviously):

Rubio 3

Carson 3

Cruz 2


Cruz 15

Trump 10

Rubio 9

Kasich 5

Carson 2

I was heartened to see Minnesota picked Sanders and Rubio, and disdained Trump generally.  When the rest of the country is yinging, we are yanging.  This time we are on the side of good sense (but not always).  Minnesotans are a bit contrary though, that’s the thing.

Now nationally, we’re all supposed to understand that Rubio is weaker than Cruz, and maybe should cede the terrain. I dunno… Rubio maybe can’t come into the convention 2nd, but I doubt it’s a fruitless exercise to accumulate delegates until then, ya know, provided you got super pac $ that will pay your expense invoices to keep rolling.

There’s a lot of lefty pundits analyzing the GOPs brokenness.  Well, it is.  And I don’t know how it unites when Trump is undermined at the convention…. Cept for one thing that kind of came to me, and then I hear it vaguely bandied about now by others too.  Ya know, there was all this excited talk about good VP candidates like Nikki Haley. It’s too bad, because she’s enormously appealing.  But a ticket that has some chance of uniting the Republican where no others do is a fusion of Cruz \ Rubio.


2 thoughts on “We caucused the shit out of Super Tuesday

  1. pm1956

    I think that you are right about the brokenness of the GOP. Romney got it right when he noted that Trump is a symptom of the problem (a con man, taking advantage of the situation for his personal gain/fame), not a solution to it. But Romney was a part of the problem, too. None of his proposed programs would have helped the people who are voting for Trump.

    Trump clearly is capable of making people feel good, feel like he knows what they are angry about. But I am not certain that they know what they are angry about. I mean, just look at the biggest applause line Trump has, building the wall on the Mexican Border. Right now, there is a net exodus of illegal immigrants into the US. The Wall won’t solve anything. But don’t let facts get in the way of a good anger…..


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