I do not like this future Republican President

This has every sign of happening, its happening.  The energy and momentum are there, not only for Trump to be the nominee, but for him to be the President.

Now that last hurdle is supposed to be where for smart people its certitudinal that the glass slipper falls off right….   He can’t really win it all, you presume that when this spectacle / manifestation of Republican boobery is the choice opposite Hillary, that a plurality will elect her on the basis of her seriousness and traditional credibility….

See, this is going to happen.

I’m deeply uncomfortable with it.   It’s a truth I think that Trump is inadequately principled and inadequately intellectual and inadequately conservative to be a (Republican…) nominee.   And such that he’s got this appeal, it’s proper for smart thinking people to be repelled by the inadequate contemplation of those who support him.

I am properly repelled, despite for years having very negative reactions to those who’d call Republicanism’s white cracker base idiots and worse.  But with Trump they are not receptive to reasoned discourse, they are (or are being) idiots.

So I’m prepared to acknowledge that’s true, in supporting Trump the Republican’s white cracker base is exposed for a certain idiocy.  But we’re ultimately protected right, by the Democrats’ coalition of smart, diverse, properly thoughtful voters who have a plurality to elect Hillary….

I don’t think so.  We’re having a moment here where distrust for institutions is so high that what you got going on is the crowd’s adulation to a charismatic strongman persona who says he’ll make it better.  http://www.vox.com/2016/2/23/11099644/trump-support-authoritarianism

I would soften the analysis around ‘authoritarianism’ per se, because we don’t have a very good American context for ‘authoritarianism’ and we have constitutional protections (for now).  But for sure it’s the sheeple in mass psychosis assenting to the charismatic strongman persona, in some cases at odds with their own interests.  And while I’m prepared to acknowledge the idiocy of the Republican base, what I know as wisdom is this is an idiocy that exists everywhere, and it will ‘trump’ in Democrats also, certainly superficial ones without actual well thought ideologies.  IE, There’s going to be quite a few Latinos and blacks and old school Democrat laborites who defect to Trump, they aren’t going to vote for Hillary.  They are going to vote for Trump because he’s assertive and masculine and vulgar…. attributes that are seen as virtues in these communities.  That might be unflattering, but it’s no different than the way white rubes are being taken in by Trump.

So, he’s going to win it all.   The good news is that while vulgar and shallow he’s got some mainstream Republican and Democrat instincts and he’s not ‘evil’.  The country will survive 4 years with him.


4 thoughts on “I do not like this future Republican President

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