Thanks, Obama!

With personal income taxes, in my adulthood (cough starting in my late 30’s cough) I ended up rejecting say conservative attitudinal gamesmanship about withholding.  You used to hear on Limbaugh a lot that you shouldn’t over withhold yada yada because you were just loaning the govt money at 0% interest yada yada.

Yeah well that’s not great wisdom for most people.  On working peoples wage’s it’s an enormous pain in the ass to have a tax balance of several thousands due and it’s an enormous pleasure to get back several thousands.  So I adjusted my budget over several years to have no withholding exemptions.  Pay into the max with paycheck withholding and relieve yourself of some worry, get a nice bump back when you file.

I filed this year on 2/9, and got my state refund Tuesday and my fed refund today.  That’s pretty flipping quick.  Nice size refund, we’re eating food tonight.


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