Liberal outrage du jour: Jeb’s gun

Couple few things….

… ya know, for what it’s worth Jeb’s tweet there is a signal, a dog whistle to his pack…  of course it is.

… yet there’s a little bit of a liberal pile on here that wouldn’t have happened for say Cruz.  That’s because why, Jeb is supposed to be one of the ‘moderate’ Republicans right.  Well he’s not that moderate, or moderate in that way.  He’s not been guilty of weasling around on his gun position, he’s solidly pro 2A.  This isn’t a gross pander here far as anyone should discern, it’s not like Obama saying he’s against gay marriage because of his personal religious beliefs…

…So he’s at the FN plant in South Carolina.  It’s branded ‘FN’ here in the states because ‘Fabrique Nationale’ is a little too frenchy eh.

…FN is making some sales inroads here in the states, this is a thing, a hot thing.  Their basic plastic fantastic semi-auto is cheap, good, and ubiquitous.  I think my father just bought one, and not like he needed it.  They are flying off the shelves because they are understood as good and a good value.

…My anachronistic side vocation requires some understanding of the presentation pistol as a social transaction eh, historically and what not.  I’ll say we’ve lost something when a presentation pistol is a plastic-fantastic with the recipient’s name laser engraved on the slide.  Ugh….


2 thoughts on “Liberal outrage du jour: Jeb’s gun

  1. pm1956

    OK,. here is proof that I am not a liberal….I did not know about any of this until I read this post. If this is the liberal outrage du jour (help, more french!), and i am not even aware of it, much less outraged, then, ipso facto, I must not be a liberal.

    And, BTW, isn’t FN Belgian?


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