Ah, Scalia

Sung to the tune of Ah, Leah by Donny Iris….

There’s some analysis out there with a premise that McConnell and the Republicans aren’t being honest.  Ah, I think they are being totally honest.  IE, don’t bother is a straight answer.  http://www.startribune.com/senate-gop-to-obama-don-t-bother-nominating-to-court/368919441/

Then, there’s some analysis out there that the McConnell and the Rs are too honest and candid.  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/02/15/why-senate-republicans-made-a-big-mistake-on-the-supreme-court-opening/  This tends to be concern trolling, and a warning for Republican overreach.  Meh.

Thing is, McConnell isn’t talking to the public or the press.  He’s talking to Republicans and conservatives, for whom there can be no equivocation.  And for us, this is a hill to die on.  If it don’t work out in the end, and you get HRC nominating Gloria Allred… whatever.

Call it originalism or textualism, but to me it’s the people’s protection…..  A Kagan, Breyer, Sotomoyer, Ginsburg type….  They are smart, certainly (well maybe not Sotomayer), but they are not principled.  All discernment is done for the purpose of giving a big A-OK to the progressive administrative state, and there is no limiting principle, no having the meaning of the words exist as they were intended for the protection of the public.

So hell with it.  Obstruct away, Mitch, and fear not about looking bad.  It’s great to start that you, McCain, Ayotte, Graham, Portman et al are not unclear about that.

I do figure this would be a concern.  http://www.motherjones.com/kevin-drum/2016/02/there-might-be-limited-supply-judges-willing-make-supreme-court-kamikaze-run  Whoever gets nominated is not going to get confirmed. Rilly… it’s not going to happen.  So I imagine you don’t end up picking off the A list of judicial talent at that point, though I’m sure you can find a reliable Sotomayer.

Recess appointments:  Some Republican concern there on what sort maneuvering it would take to keep the Senate in session to thwart a recess appointment.  Meh.  The President has showed admirable balls and gamesmanship over a couple years now in spiting the Republican congress, but I think a recess appointment is a bridge too far.  You’d be provoking a cataclysmic clash the effects of which are too unpredictable.  So the President will chill here to a certain extent.  He’s got to.

Give me a break  http://www.startribune.com/nominee-or-not-klobuchar-in-the-mix-as-talk-swirls-around-supreme-court-seat/368791531/  Klobuchar is a lightweight, and this is puffery.

I don’t know where to start on the hypocrisy.  The Ornstein critique is out there, and makes a somewhat persuasive case that conservatives are responsible for “gridlock”.  The Democrats started this thing with the judges, and its not surprise we end up here.

What would be ironic now is we get a Bush v Gore style tie in November, and it has to go to the 4×4 supreme court.


7 thoughts on “Ah, Scalia

  1. pm1956

    My 2 cents worth: the GOP is going down to a massive defeat this November, both on the Presidential side (just look at the chaos in the primaries), and now in the Senate races. I wonder how close the Dems will come in the House?

  2. pm1956

    I do think that you are right in that Mitch and most GOP senators are more concerned about not having to face a primary challenge in their re-election bids than they are concerned about keeping a majority in the Senate. So, yes, they are talking to other Republicans, saying that they are just as conservative and obstructionist as it is possible to be, so do not challenge me in the primary. A classic tragedy of the commons problem:

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I don’t sense the momentum that gets the Democrats POTUS, Sen, and House vis a vis 2008. You have a terrible candidate at the top of the ticket as opposed to a fantastic one.

      I guess “close” in numerous ways.

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      Its fine, but it suggests that the McConnell of reality is being somehow coy or dissembling. I don’t have that sense. He hasn’t made a great big speech, but yeah, its acknowledged as ideological

    2. pm1956

      And I do not think that McConnell’s position is all that radical–but it is really awkward, and I do think that it will be used to paint the GOP Senate into an unpopular corner. Is that fair? In politics, yes. And, frankly, people like Cruz are really going to make McConnell’s job even harder. (maybe only Ryan has a worse job, IMHO).

  3. Donnie Iris

    I was sincerely hoping this was going to accompanied by a musical parody because Scaaaaleeeeeaaahhhh has been in my head all week.


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