Milwaukee 2/11 (D) Debate

Came home from work yesterday and took the historically precocious 11 year old with me to the grocery store.  Ya know, he’s my child, apple didn’t fall far from the tree…  so he asks me, while we’re shopping:

  • Is Lt. Calley still alive
  • Why did Nixon \ Kissinger bomb Cambodia

I think his questions are prompted by the book selection at his school library… he’s going through the history stuff there somewhat voraciously.

My Answers:

  • I think he is, probably a retiree somewhere
  • Dunno, I’m not confident of an answer you’d put on a history exam, I think they thought the VC were taking refuge in the Cambodian frontier and they needed to put some pressure on them

So we get home and watch the D debate and get an extended lesson on Kissinger, and per Sanders that’s ostensibly one of his war crimes, bombing the VC within Cambodia.  It was ironic to us this would come up is all….

Now, Sanders is kind of commanding as far as it goes…. Setting the various premises from the 35000 foot level with a stirring self-righteous confidence.  But as this archetype of what he is and with his inability to get into the weeds and part them with the machete of wisdom I see him as one of these guys on the alt/hippie fringe who is simultaneously over and under informed, usually as a function of getting their keystone knowledge from Rolling Stone and the rest of the counterculture press.

Thing is, he’s got a choir he’s preaching to and I don’t know how Hillary talks sense to them.  The D’s got a problem here.  But they brought in on themselves I’d assert, in say the same way the Republicans brought Trump upon themselves.  They have been aping the language of ‘inequality’ since Occupy or before, and their base has some expectations now.  All Sanders is saying is that he’s assured to act on the expectations, which are say to remove the cap on payroll taxes and get the top marginal rate somewhere north of 50%.

It’s far from impossible:  President Bernie  The institutional Democrat worry is that he’s unelectable, right… I have my doubts that’s true.  1.  The proper McCarthyite abhorrence of socialism in this country is dead or forgotten.  2.  You telling me Bernie wouldn’t get all the states Democrats always get?  I think he would.  The electoral college floor for a Democrat is Kerry 2004, IE 252 votes.  You get Ohio at that point, and you’ve won.  Or Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado.  Or Florida.  Highly achievable for Bernie.

Chait stains:  Chait might be correct, but I’m not sure it’s as important a point as who’s the ideological heir to Obama.  Hint, it’s not Clinton.  Hint: Obama is to Bernie as Bernie is to Obama.  They were both academic lefties who moderated to become Democrats and partake in the political process…. and that’s where much of the base is.

On Trump:   Yeah, I’m a little worried, at peak worry here that he’s the GOP nominee. But its sensible to understand he doesn’t make it to the finish line.  That’s the Douthat  view, and I keep telling it to myself.


One thought on “Milwaukee 2/11 (D) Debate

  1. pm1956

    So the most optimistic thing I have heard re: Trump is this (from my cousin who is in money management): Can you imagine Trump putting his assets into a blind trust? Seriously, Trump would never be able to put up with the ethical restrictions of the position. The guy is all about deal making, and I can’t imagine him not attempting to make $$ while still President. Seems to me that he is still more interested in $$ than actually being President. So maybe he gets right up to the convention, and then quits so he can make all sorts of $$ out of a new TV Show: “I was almost the President!”.

    Maybe wishful thinking on my part, but…..


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