Obviously, everyone should be a STEM worker

Apparently the average earnings of a MSP tech worker is about $100K, having strode past that bright line in the last year.


I imagine this is a fair reflection of reality.  It’s been a good labor market for techies here.  I’ll just do my Studs Terkel thing now (IE, his book “Working”), put aside polite discretion and lay out a candid example.

My last check in Dec showed a gross of $99K +, just short of $100K.  I was off much of September where I was not paid.  My taxable was in the 70’s, might have been the low 70’s.  Paid $15K+in insurance premiums for a couple w/ dependent minor children, then doing prudent shit like 7% for 401K and max withholding on taxes.  I think my paycheck deposits were $55k. Ya know, there’s a sideline observation to make about how $100k is the new $75K, and I’m think I’m prepared to demonstrate it by my example cuz it often feels like we’re just getting by (… suburban / exurban living ‘getting by’)…  but I do feel like I’m out there with some autonomy and getting paid well.

When we talk about averages, I think it’s important to understand…. The average is made up of different skill sets with different labor market prices, but also it’s made up of people on different points in wage earning maturity…  I was 46 yrs old most of last year, and have been plying my trade 17 yrs.  I’d say my skill set is getting to be a premium one, and senior level.  The kids that enter the business as junior programmers… they might make $40k… but that’s for a short time.

So should everyone go into STEM?  Do they need to go to college? To do it?  http://www.startribune.com/many-see-coding-boot-camps-as-a-fast-track-to-jobs/367161711/

I’m sort of surprised at how few people want to be IT people, as if they don’t think they have the aptitude, or because cube farms are a turn off.  Kind of a soft limit on how many people will enter the business here domestically, and will keep wages up.

I think there is definitely a path where you do a code boot camp as a twenty something and are a $125k java programmer by the time you are 30.  I work with a few of these kids.  You do have to like coding to be that guy or gal.

These kids that are starting on the help desk…. I started on the help desk.  That’s a fine entry point to the business.

Man my age needs to ponder that they’re topped out re wages and advancement…  I am pursuing java coding, which is and will remain in demand at a premium to the ‘average’ tech worker.

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