The inner dialogue of the urbane left: Sanders v Clinton as a choice between idealism and pragmatism

A few years years back liberals did a lot of chortling over the Rove-ian notion that you don’t accept the confines of circumstance, IE, you need to aspire and act in pursuit of things beyond the superficial , practical ‘reality base’.

Now, fair to say it was the mere word-play there that inspired a lot of the chortling, and notions of who lived in reality and who didn’t.

But the decision making / evaluation operandi is supposed to be that you act with some disregard to the assumptions of your circumstance and, I dunno, see a corresponding shift of the paradigm / Overton window of potentiality that is accommodating to whatever you wanted to accomplish as you start accomplishing it.

It’s a bit too hopeful, too circular, and something of a triumph of the will mindset.   And Linker sees the Sanders supporting left making the Rove mistake in having a disregard for immutable reality.  He’s right.  I’d say it this way…. The reason progressivisim rightfully pursues incrementalism within a democracy is because incrementalism doesn’t incite an electoral revolt that ultimately squashes your progressive movement.

Problem is, that leaves you with Hillary.


Bernie really is playing the long game…. he won’t come out as an atheist to sprint ahead in the (D) nomination contest….  gehar, gehar

Trump:  I think this is the high water mark.  Middling results in Iowa (he does not win).  This debate boycotting thing is tactically wrong.

Trump:  Trump’s support can not be alienated right?  I never have seen him asked about (fake) global warming, which might do the trick for that alienation.  I don’t think he gets off defying conservative orthodoxy and throwing in with warmist tax raisers.


3 thoughts on “The inner dialogue of the urbane left: Sanders v Clinton as a choice between idealism and pragmatism

  1. pm1956


    be careful you do not start to sound like Bill Kristol:

    Yeah, the idealism/pragmatism thing is real. In life we all tend to bounce between them. Thing about Sanders is….didn’t we learn anything from Obama’s efforts? Obama aimed for idealism (Hope and change), and ended up pragmatic instead. There is nothing to suggest that Sanders would be more successful (at trying idealism) than Obama, and a lot to suggest that he would be less pragmatic than Obama. I understand people being a little disappointed about not getting all the hope and change that they wanted over the past 8 years, but they also need to be realistic. It could have been a whole lot worse….


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