BOLD runs afoul of IMBY

This is a big deal in these parts.  Withrow and Marine are to have their elementary schools closed, if this is approved (which it may not be, given the reaction has been so poor).  And some other shuffling would happen.

So this is opposite of NIMBY, it’s IMBY that’s getting all in the face of the school board…. They want schools close by, they being the residents of Withrow and Marine.  Those there are some of the most bucolic places in the metro area to live, so the income demographics are pretty affluent.  Lots of horse and hobby farms.  Thus one might perhaps note some privilege being asserted here and then being pandered to (when the board declines to pass the measure….). But it does seem like a bad idea with fairly broad opposition.

I mean, cmon.  They’re looking to save $1M dollars.  That’s nothing and I’m sure it’s a savings that wouldn’t be realized anyway.


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