A visit to the gun shop: where we are at with panic buying

We don’t have many good ones in Washington County, by the way.  We have Cabela’s and Gander Mountain, and then a couple smaller independents in Hugo and Forest Lake that I haven’t strolled through in years because I don’t go up there much.  So I was over at Luther Toyota in Golden Valley getting my airbag recall work done, and I swung into a real gun store, the Frontiersmn on 394 and Louisiana.  Good shop, and due to proximity, probably the preferred venue for Strib reporters trying to observe gun culture.  What I saw:

  • Quite a few customers in the mid afternoon
  • Staff hanging on the phone waiting for NICS bg checks to complete. This is on par with how the press says the system is a bit swamped now
  • Saw a young man have his bg check come back ‘hold’.
  • Some bare shelves and walls in places. Not much inventory of the popular, contemporary personal protection pieces.
  • Quite a bit of some decades old closet shelf stuff that had no doubt been traded in on contemporary personal protection pieces.
  • I think six, 3-screw Ruger revolvers that predated 1970. The Ruger 3-screw is a classic now, a real peach.  And as I say, these were no doubt traded in for something modern and antiseptic.
  • I put $50 down on this Ruger 3-screw, a Single Six .22 made in 1960, cuz…. stags are my archaic bailiwick, and the old Sambars on this are fantastic, and ya never find them anymore, and this gun was $400, at which point you’re getting $300 worth of gun and $300 worth of grips for $400. That’s how I roll, I like layaway, I like old shit, and I don’t like paying blue book for it.


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