Socialism geek

There’s all kinds of geeks amirite.  Star wars geeks, comic book geeks, video game geeks, music geeks.  We’re talking about the common fixations that can afflict a certain personality type that has a hyper-focus attribute / capability.  I submit, there is such a thing as a socialism / Marxism / Labor movement geek, they exist in meaningful numbers.  I encountered a couple in college.  Then in my adult years, there was a ball team in my league headed up by some economics TAs at one of the local private colleges, they called themselves the Wobblies.  An amateur baseball team with ostensibly Eugene Debs and the IWW as its mascotry.  They are still around, can be looked up.  A perhaps uncommon intersection of socialism geekdom and baseball geekdom.

Bernie Sanders is a socialism geek.  He loves Eugene Debs, was active on the domestic academic red fringe there as a young man.  Which is fine, as far as it goes, I’m not trying to invoke McCarthy-ism here.  Now yes, we do in this country under most circumstances de facto bar socialists from office.  But the other thing is, this geek hyper-focus attribute is in itself kind of a self-obviator for office.   People with geek hyper focus lack other attributes that make for successful candidates.  Well rounded high functioners with people skills do better, these are the people we commonly see running.

So Sanders is an exception then to this observation I just laid out… He’s a socialism geek who became an urban mayor and became a congressman and became a senator who is running for President….  Critique the remarkableness of this, cuz it is remarkable, and I’d just assert I have doubts it’s because he has any great personal attributes that ameliorate his otherwise obviating geek misanthropy.  Rather, there’s been a lot of serendipity that brings him from shitty carpenter and alternative press reporter in the 70’s to this point now ….

And, ya know yes he’s cool and irascible and a character, something different as a candidate here… but the basic personality I’d say hasn’t evolved, and this is not a guy with attributes that would make for a competent presidency.  It would be something of a debacle.  He’s way less personally equipped to do this job than Hillary.

Anyway, not like we’ll get a chance to see this proven prescient, he will not be president.

Other debate notes:

Martin O’Malley knows that no one needs an AR-15 to hunt deer….  This is a glib kernel of wisdom that lefties like to share….  I’ve been in deer hunting parties the last 10 years where fella’s used ARs, these guys being much more attuned to the contemporary rifleman culture.  They used ARs, they got deer….  It’s a thing.

Sanders: spending 3 times more than Britain on health care.  Its true right?  Well don’t they have less people and ration the hell out of everything?  I’ve come to doubt it’s a bad thing we ‘spend so much on health care’.  Now yeah, the govt doesn’t like their increasing HC outlay, because in an environment where they can’t borrow or tax more $ it crowds out pork and other projects….  But otherwise why care what gets spent on HC?  Ultimately HC $ is just RNs and doctors and other HC workers making a living, you want less of that?

Hillary on Bill starting in the kitchen and working his way up:  Ya know, there’s no sense Hillary’s campaign is a project done for Bill’s gratification.  It’s her deal, which is good…  I just think I’m still right to note this enormous incongruity where she thinks she had to stay married to him to do all this, make the march from Sen to SoS to Pres….

Not much meaningful energy discussion last night


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