Debate Notes (1/14/15)

Our sailors in Iran….. I’m actually in the Voxsplain / Chait camp here….  not a big deal, with one caveat.  Kerry’s language here ought to be more neutral and not praise / thank the Iranians.  But he’s John Kerry, … Republicans, inclined to posture here, are too belligerent.  Makes me wonder what Rand would say.

The energy crisis is over… No questions on that last night.  Broadly, you get some sense low oil prices are going to stick for a while.  It’s a dead issue.  Unbelievable.

Pagan Brutalism…. A David Brooks quote on Ted Cruz from the other day.  Brooks ended up being factually inaccurate on the circumstances on which he tried to make that claim (it was a Cruz three strikes case in TX that hinged on a calculator theft being the 3rd strike)….  But this phrase was intuitive to me as a description of the typical Republican law and order plank.  And much as I might come off angry here at times in these pages, the law and order plank gives me ideological discomfort.  I listen to Cruz…. He doesn’t come off all that brutal, but yeah that’s the knee-jerk perception I start with.

Cruz v. Rubio, rhetorically. Ted went to Princeton and Harvard right, and is literally a national champion debater.  Marco, his education….  Qualitatively and experientially he’s basically a guy who went to 2 yr community college, then moved up to the local state campus to graduate, then went to William  Mitchell for his JD…  and ya know, made good, very nice.  Not that Ted was a legacy dude, but I think I’m right in understanding a difference.    And, not having an ivy-league education, Marco is pretty darn effective as a debater, I’d say Teds equal.  The too high expectations they’ll reduce Hillary to spastic mumblings are probably wrong…. But they are both real good at talking.

We don’t talk about how old Donald is…. The index card in my head keeps telling me he’s 73.  That’s not right, he’s actually 69.  Still pretty old, but he’s a man, he gets a break on his age, and he does seem to have a lot of energy.  Not my cup of tea, and I don’t expect to be put in the position of voting for him.  But as time goes on here he is being revealed as brighter and more thoughtful than one might assume.  I’m seeing it, such that I’ve been forced by his presence to observe him.

The crime crisis is over…no questions on crime, broadly.  Tangentially it gets discussed with guns.  I don’t think over the months Trump has been asked about crime at all.  He goes off on…

China…. I’ve been moved to understand the China trade deficit is not a big deal.  They don’t (generally) compete with us on unique, high value mfg.  To know this and see Trump get all bent out of shape b/c China exports what it does here…. Seems a weird competitive thing, like he can’t stand they make a buck here and there….

Ted’s Canadian birth…. The McCain example applies here, McCain’s dad is thoroughly analogous to Cruz’ mom.  So it’s not really a lingering question, it just lacks for an adjudication, and that is going to be a complete slam dunk.  Any, Cruz killed it, maybe that’s the end of it.  This is Republican birth-irism biting Republicans in the ass though, can’t get around that.

New York Values – I get it actually, but it’s a loser of a discussion for Ted.


One thought on “Debate Notes (1/14/15)

  1. pm1956

    What amazes me after listening to the debate was the apparent disconnect between my experience of the country currently and the picture painted by the GOP candidates, which is one of universal doom and gloom. It is hard to imagine that this is really a country with a 5% unemployment rate currently, that we are indeed the dominant country militarily and culturally in the world.

    Seriously, the country was indeed going to hell in a handbasket 8 years ago, as we were falling into a huge recession at the end of Bush II’s term, but we have steadily climbed out of that trough. Our biggest competitors, China and Russia, are worse off now than they were then. And yet we are seen as being weak and feeble.

    I simply do not get it.


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