jots w/ dots 1/12/16

You seem to seldom actually see a company paying a labor premium in order make a purchase on labor stability.  Punch caught my eye last year for this and that.  Related:  I know we had a minimum wage hike in MN last year (without tip credit).  What did it go to, $8.50 an hour?  I don’t know.  And the doctrinaire free market observation is this causes a lot of turmoil….  Still, as one of those somewhat doctrinaire thinkers, I’m kinda shocked at the trouble all these restaurants are having.

Slate’s Will Saletan says Ted Cruz is the biggest liar to ever run for President because he’s dissembled lawyerly on immigration  Meh.  I think a mature wisdom on political hyperbole is to not get all wound up about ‘lies’.  Instead look for values signals.  With that as the standard, I’m not sure Cruz is trying to pander to anyone in an insincere way.  And if he is, it doesn’t come close to candidate Obama’s pander on gay marriage.  That’s the standard.

Its because we drilled our way out of it.

I have my doubts Rubios victory will be this big:

Big Dog: been meaning for a week to briefly think piece the notion that Bill Clinton’s women problems are going to be ‘fair game’ insofar as say Trump’s might be.  Let’s understand rightly why Bill’s womanizing mattered eh.  That is, because Bill didn’t deserve for Hillary to stay married to him, and Hillary wouldn’t be in a position to run for President if she had divorced him.  Be real, they have an open marriage now, yet pretend otherwise for the sake of political viability and have some media complicity in doing so…. And ya know, I think that would be a persuasive point if we hadn’t elected W….


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