Not a football guy, but I’m ready to find a place on the bandwagon by this time of year.  I watched.  Very good game.  I say, Vikings v Seahawks, you’re talking two teams at parity, except that that SEA has a superstar QB and MN does not.

Teddy Bridegwater is an elite athlete by definition and more, and is qualified to be an NFL QB….but that is not a pro arm.  That side arm push / flip thing he does because he doesn’t have the shoulder to support an elevated release, he looks like a normal dude out there tossing the pig skin around the yard.  I can’t think of anyone who performs at the NFL level and does that.   Aaron Rodgers does not, Tom Brady does not, Cam Newton does not, Russell Wilson does not.  Just saying, you got this guy, Teddy, and he’s 23 so everyone thinks he occupies that spot for the next 13 years….. I doubt it.  He’s deficient but compensating in ways.  That won’t last, his game will be exposed, I say next couple few years.

Jots w/ dots 1/11

The Hillary surcharge.  Understand, this will never become law.  But the broader tax conversation has lacked for an answer from the left that would tell us how much more from the wealthy would make things ‘fair.’  Decent answer here, maybe…. A straight 4% would move up the effective rate on some wealthy people who have significant investment income, maybe get the closer to 20% and thus have a high rate than warren Buffets secretary.

Steel   Was in a 45 minute conversation this morning with the 11 year old on the nature of the Chinese economy, and it started when he brought up Mao…. Anyway, China has a fixed exchange rate for the Yuan right, and they exchange it too cheaply against the dollar…. Isn’t there an arbitrage opportunity there to be exploited that would end up keeping the bank of China honest ….  Or is it just that the equilibrium is found by hammering their stock market on occasion, which is happening now…

Word police: ghetto  He used it right.  I’m not actually accustomed to thinking of ‘ghetto’ in American terms.  I think Warsaw.


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