One evening last week I was in the kitchen, making a Jameson and ginger.  The 15 year old was there also.  When I’m not being an anti-social misanthrope I am at various points this meld of Cliff Claven, melodrama, and flamboyancy right….  So I announce, while making this drink….for future reference child, the official family whiskey is Jameson.

And he gives me a perfunctory up nod to acknowledge my absurdity, and that was that for the moment.

Last night he says, hey…. In our English class discussion we were talking about the Irish civil war, and that the sectarian attributes were such that the southern Catholics drank Jameson and the northern Protestants drank some other British whiskey (I paraphrase).

And I said… heck, I didn’t know that but if you’re having some grasp that you are what you are because of things that happened 5-10 generations ago….[and that I’m not completely full of crap]…that’s true.


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