I saw Hateful Eight:  I thought it was good, if somewhat unrealistic 

That’s my running joke of a review for (mostly sci fi) movies.  Somewhat unrealistic… no suspension of disbelief…. dry humor…. Gehar, gehar….


Anyway… Hateful Eight… yeah it’s a neo western, or rather a blowed up homage to a certain kind of bloody neo western done in the latter 60’s / early 70’s, that which included the spaghetti western genre.  Hateful Eight is to neo / spaghetti westerns what Kill Bill was to kung fu movies, that’s what Tarantino does.

So Tarantino wasn’t aiming for a verisimilitude of the westward experience, he was actually going for a certain in-authenticity, right.  To that end, he created / filmed some absurdly granular details re the sixguns.  Tarantino and his film armorer Thell Reed (who I have spoken to on the phone before!) didn’t use the true to detail Colt replicas that are available today.  Rather, and in keeping with the homage treatment, they used an inexpensive / inauthentic 60’s era replica that was common in low budget westerns of the time, the ICA Dakota.

This is an extraordinarily esoteric flourish, one I’d guess perhaps ten people in the world are capable of discerning.  I’m one of them, being king of that very small, unimportant hill.  I wrote the world’s best and only article on the otherwise forgotten Dakota a few years ago.

That detail there was not wasted Mr. Tarantino.


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