The press’ watchful eye for Republican hypocrisy / corruption: Marco Rubio’s BIL

The reporter raises “questions”.  I don’t see questions.  I see innuendo, family dynamics, and meh.

Take the facts on their face.  In 2002 Marco’s BIL is a felon out of prison a couple years, and he wants a real estate license…. so he can, ya know, work at some job that remunerates at an adult paying level.  Oooh.  Due to his felony status, grant of the license requires a review by the state real estate board.  Marco writes a (perhaps somewhat ambiguous) letter for the file.

Not exactly delivering big spoils of political graft there, though fer sure it is in its way Marco throwing a little weight around, emphasis on “little”.  How much weight did he have in 2002?  Other thing is, when you are a credible name and you assert the reliability of an unknown for the in group’s stamp of approval, this what we call ‘vouching’.  This allows the decision makers to offload the blame if something goes wrong.  So this is Marco not actually getting a favor because in 2002 you’re on the FL real estate board and you want to stay on Marco’s good side because he’s a state legislator.  It’s a reference process, giving the board a reason to say yes besides the sole word of the felon / applicant.  And the risk there is quite a bit on Marco.

To the extent the letter is ambiguous.  Meh.  You write letters, you are no doubt putting things on the record in a more explicit way, and you are not obligated to make the contrarian case to your request.  If board wanted to explore that, they could write Marco another letter back to probe it no doubt.

It’s a curious bit to me because we just finished watching Narcos on Netflix.  The BIL’s crimes happened during the Escobar cocaine era in Miami right? Anyway, couple things:

  • Article suggests that because the nominal amount of the smuggled cocaine was $15M, that there ought to have been $15M to impound from Marco’s BIL. Terribly erroneous assumption I would think, and one that feeds the construction of innuendo here.
  • IBID, that’s not an impressive house that the govt took from Marco’s BIL. I do like that salmon color the Floridians paint everything.
  • My father was laid off from a state job in 1981. There was some displacement guidance he was getting that suggested, because he’d been in the Marines, that he go to Dade County FL and seek work as a police officer.  Not that it would have ever been very close to happening, but yikes.

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