Thing about Chicago…

What it means, what it represents….

With the increased scrutiny / coverage, that city is going to be going to be making 4 or 5 settlements a year in amounts of about $5 million each, this for police practices that used to be understood as fairly normal.

They won’t be able to sustain that, so police tactics will change.  Chicago, then the nation.

This, on the “mental health issues” that black people find themselves shot over by the police.

Point is, “mental health issues” is a bit trope-ish.  And not in a good way.

Now, I am no racist, but nor do I have an investment in a ‘magic negro’ view of black people.  They have their foibles, and if you find yourself around some and feel some fear of the energy and dynamics going on … there might be a good reason for that fear and the righteousness of second-guessing / shaming yourself out of that fear isn’t assured.

If I have to go to lengths to great lengths to justify an observation that black dudes are physically intimidating in a way that white dudes are not … the more you explain, the crasser you look alright. But let’s be real, this has stuck since ya know, Jack Johnson or before.

Where the rubber meets the road in terms of police practices is, these $85k a year urban cops…who are generally in is as decent shape as a 25-45 year old man can be…. and some in better shape than that…. and have body armor or lesser but useful protective girdles…. are basically refusing to tangle physically with black guys and women they encounter not necessarily committing ‘crimes’ but having mere ‘mental health’ episodes.  Instead they go to the Glock.

Fair to say, this is racist when they don’t do their jobs the same way they would for white people.  And it will  change / happen if only because of the payouts.

Related:  Glock is the wrong gun for cops This on the LA Times editorial page by one of the nation’s prominent pro-gun bloggers.  His observation is somewhat technical, and it sounds right to me as a casual observer of these guys who contemplate the fine points of combat shooting.  I’d add this… the Glock is dangerous in the hands of police for the same reason people think ‘assault weapons’ are dangerous in the hands of civilians.  They work well, with all that capacity and rate of fire and aim-ability.  They work well in excess of the practical needs for them to work well.  So yeah, it follows then that you take those ergonomics and functionalities and reliabilities away from the police, and make them use a lesser tool… like is desired on the civilian end…


One thought on “Thing about Chicago…

  1. pm1956

    Eventually they will all go to body cameras as well as dashboard cameras, etc. even the police unions will eventually come down on the side of videotaping every interaction with the public. I think that will be a good thing, overall. Certainly we will get better policing as a result. Even old white guys like me will benefit, because eventually everyone will be more trustful of the cops when the cops are overall more respectful of everyone.

    Onlt sad part of that is that we are just getting closer and closer to a surveillance state…..


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