Trump as ISIS’ best recruiter


Qualitatively ‘Trump as ISIS recruiter’ is a bit of an oral air biscuit.  And thus, I think you cut it some slack such that it’s too lightweight and gaseous to be a ‘lie’.

Ya know you get 3 or 4 or more pro Democrats together to talk politics, and invariably (in my imagination at least…) whatever they’re discussing turns into a contest to determine the room’s top glib-ster / snark merchant.   So I think this gets said at Hillary’s debate prep session.  “Hey ya know Trump is polly ISIS’ best recruiter gehar gehar”.  But she’s getting up there in age, and maybe with diminishing abilities to discern the breeziness of quips from millennial staffer ironists.  So she makes the mistake of thinking oh that’s good and takes it into the real debate.

Coulda happened amirite?

Fine, and somewhat forgivable, and not worthy then of a fellow like me deploying my functional fixation for Democrat ‘lies’ there.

But I think challenging the premise is quite apropos.  Which is to ask….. if Trump ‘s attitude towards Muslims such as it might be was really useful to ISIS as propaganda content for their little videos….

So?  ISIS gonna ISIS, and they’ll attract who they’re going to attract.  We’re going to at a minimum respond with cruise missiles and drones.  And if it’s here, it’s working to interdict and snuff out any domestic cells.   Any President is going to do that, and not much rhetorical modulation is going to affect the quantity of the interdiction response at various points.

Now, I’m sure the more serious observation is rather that Trump is a bigot, and his rhetoric impedes harmony between Muslims and the US/west.  But… ‘bigotry’ claims tend to be overstated, and I think absent some qualitatively cruder statements that Trump is merely peddling generic xenophobia…. Which I’m not sure is not a completely appropriate response in this moment.  Certainly the Obama administration looks naïve taking the extreme opposite tack.

Anyway, generally I doubt here’s much practical value in a softer rhetorical approach to Islam.  I haven’t seen US pols be rewarded for that in the recent past.

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