12/15/15 GOP debate

I listened to the whole thing, which I have not yet had occasion to do.  Listened rather than watched, we don’t have expanded cable.  I don’t know that it was intended to be all foreign policy, but that’s what happened relative to San Bernardino.  Individual thoughts:

Carly – I like her generally.  Not that she’s going to win, but as a celebrity candidate she’s serious in a way that Ben Carson is not.  Anyway, word I want to use is one David Brauer uses about Kerri Miller.  “Stentorian”.  I look up the definition now, I see it’s in some ways supposed to mean merely “loud”, but I think vis the Miller example it means formal and authoritative maybe to excess.  That’s Fiorina.  And by now its starting to be a little grating.

Rand – If anything, still useful to provide the academic framework for a foreign policy discussion.  Tone is actually a little too academic.

Jeb – One hindrance among the many is he’s not a good speaker, does not have the charisma of his brother certainly.  Talks like he’s got two left tongues.  His candidacy remains kind of an absurdity.

Carson – we’re pretty sure this is a speaker’s bureau operation by now right?  He’s doing speakers bureau storytelling and analogizing that is a waste of time / out of place in this venue.

Christie – hey you know he’s a former federal prosecutor?  Heard you the 75th time Chris.

Kasich – I barely think about Kasich at all

Marco – I like Marco.  One thing…. he’s got answers to all these questions memorized as complete paragraphs in his head.  I think this is a little too much / overpowering.

Ted – the field on the whole could benefit from a little more joviality.  And Ted is supposed to be one of the dicks amirite, but actually in his question answering he has nice natural progressions and an appealing breeziness that the other candidates do not.

The Donald – I’ve registered my displeasure here before.  I’ll assert the bottom line is, everything wrong with the Donald’s candidacy is because it’s a vanity junket done to affirm a vain person.  But…. he is competing…. somehow… and fear of him damaging the party is probably overwrought.


2 thoughts on “12/15/15 GOP debate

  1. Joe Loveland

    This is funny. Nailed it.

    The Dem side is equally snicker-worthy.

    Hillary: Formulaic, cautious wonkese, with obviously pre-fabricated attempts to create a likable personality.

    Bernie: Cartoonish angry white progressive. More Larry David than Larry David.

    O’Malley: So old school formulaic in his challenger role that he makes Hillary look nearly natural by comparison.


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