(recent) History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes

I listened to the 7pm Obama speech in the shop Sunday night.  It was fine as far as it goes.  It surpassed a minimum threshold for “presidentiality”.  But on the whole I think there’s a sense anyone can take, regardless of their political perspective, that the administration is descending into its ‘post-Katrina’ limp into irrelevance.

In the hours leading up to the speech there was a lot of conservative chatter on the web / social media that the speech would end up being a missive on gun control.  That didn’t quite happen, but rightly or wrongly… and I’d say mostly rightly…the sense is the “no fly list” is the entirety of the administration reaction to San Bernardino.

The all purpose proposal the Dems / Pres. Obama have out there… make it so people on the watchlist can’t pass the retail instacheck…as I’ve said, this is horrendous law and you have to be obtuse or cynical to be blind to its defects.

And ya know now, it’s kind of a Democrat / liberal thing to take the contrarian / counterintuitive / freak-anomics / Voxsplain / externalities / “well-actually” road and argue for something other than the superficially sensible…..but this watchlist thing is an egregious overstep of that instinct.  It’s just so not a proper, politically responsible response to the San Bernardino massacre.  The sheeple out there, the swing-votes and independents, they expect a serious reaction, and this isn’t one.

It’s to say, it’s unserious to the point of political malpractice, and it’s going to be damaging.  Damaging to the extent a Democrat will find it very hard to win the presidency a year from now, whatever demographic advantages their might exist for a Dem be damned.

So yeah, Katrina… this vaguely rhymes with the Bush (W) experience.

Fairly liberal perspectives who are in fact skeptical about this about the no-fly list:






On GOP hypocrisy on the no-fly list:




Meh.  A lot of us disagree with the idea of a no-fly list, and we disagree entirely with it for this purpose.   Not hypocrisy and it’s not going to stick as hypocrisy.

On the Donald:


As with other things, I don’t think he flatters Republicans.  But I have some sense the ‘energy’ he creates ends up benefitting them, particularly Rubio or Cruz as the nominee.


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