Jots w/ dots 12/4

“We don’t know their motivations / could be a workplace thing”, Day 2:

Executive order coming on the gun show loophole:  Take it from me, an expert… this would do nothing (cuz there isn’t much of a background check loophole to begin with, as I explain now and again).  And as a gun guy, I’m far from being paranoid in anticipation of this.  Executive / administrative action that blows a wad on something that won’t work is going to damage the gun control movement and probably firm up the red-state congressional caucus…. again.  So go right ahead, do something that doesn’t do anything for the sake of doing something and watch it diminish your ability to do something in the future.

MattY  gets the NRA right:

I think this is expressed in highly vituperative / pejorative terms, and with a dubious presumption that liberal statistical and policy arguments are in fact correct.  But I agree with the basic point and I’ve acknowledged it.  We’re not negotiating here.  When those who want to change the laws have the electoral power to do so… then you can do that…




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