We don’t know why they did it




This was jihadi terrorism, all the way.  Be real, the President is privy to the best information, he knows that.  Why he won’t say it now…..  figure I guess it’s to not acknowledge a security failure that’s on his administration, to not undermine the left’s perspective on migrants or gun control…all that and whatever.  I’m trying to look past the notion that I’d like him to say something that reinforces my world view, ya know.  That’s too much to expect / unreasonable.  But I do think it’s right that this post-modern dialectic speak that the left does to prop up unpersuasive arguments about gun control and migrants and then not acknowledge other material considerations that they don’t like.….. It’s off putting.

After Paris / ISIS a few weeks ago I contemplated, but did not write out, what attributes of the USA might make those type attacks improbable here.  I figured that on the whole we assimilate people better here in the US, that we don’t have these urban ghettos of third world Muslim migrants that these terrorist cells are cultured from.   That was naïve to think, I guess.  You can bet your ass this guy had enablers, by the way.  I was derisive last week about Trump’s notion of shutting down mosques.  And still am derisive, in principle…. But you want to find the guy’s enablers, I suspect you’ll find them at his mosque.



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