Mrs. SB Jihadi

There’s been some mention of how unusual it might be to have had the wife there along for the massacre.

Maybe weird, maybe not given what we think are the proper outcomes that certain cultural assumptions might dictate.  I think actually it’s got something to do with the AR-15s Mr. SB Jihadi was limited to as a California gun buyer.

California allows AR-15 rifles, but in something of a diminished configuration.  They are limited to 10 round magazines and they are required to incorporate a design feature that makes quick magazine swaps impossible (‘bullet button’, which requires use of a hand tool to release the magazine.)

So, Mr. and Mrs. SB Jihadi had two AR rifles and fired something like 60 – 70 rounds at the government center, per reports.  But I doubt they were both shooting, because if that were so in seconds they would both be empty and doing the awkward reloading step.  To avoid that situation, Mrs. SB Jihadi was there to swap magazine while Mr. Jihadi shot.

Just putting it out there irrespective of any other points, I’ve not seen that anyone’s figured this out yet.


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