Birthday jots w/ dots

I’m 47 today.  Yay.

I said that:  Its somewhat a surprise to me too that Rubio was the one who was that cunning, who had that piece of killer insight.   I mean yeah, I know he’s smart, but this…. It’s awesome.  Other thing is, I’m surprised the administration overlooked this when they signed on to Cromnibus.  Other other thing is, I am somewhat surprised the administration hasn’t found it possible to subvert the law in some way but, whadayaknow, federal funding authorizations are somewhat ironclad in their strictness at times.  Rubio’s law was perfectly reasonable by the way.  If you’re to assert that the corridor pool was going to be revenue neutral, as the administration did in selling PPACA, ya ought to have no objection in adhering to that.

I don’t agree with this intuitive notion:  1) it assumes Trump has a thought-out political philosophy.  He does not.  What he says that is vaguely ‘fascistic’ is knee jerk responses to interview questions.  Qualitatively, there’s not enough meat there to call it ‘fascistic’.  2)  such that fascism is a thing it’s supposed to be where everything is in furtherance of the state.  Trump as a ‘nationalist’, again qualitatively, is a bit far from there.  I’m not worried.

Ya know, Republicans like to play the ‘Chicago’ card to demonstrate the failure of the blue city / blue state governance model.    Kinda trite, and I’m not persuaded Chicago doesn’t thrive in many ways, so I don’t think I have ever made a argument using ‘Chicago’.  But  Emmanuel buried that tape because he had a contested election and he needed the police vote and the ‘white’ vote.  Very crass, very cynical, extraordinarily anti-democratic.  Don’t tell me it’s the R’s who are racist…

This is pretty good:


One thought on “Birthday jots w/ dots

  1. pm1956

    Happy birthday (belated).

    This isn’t a case of Democrats being racist, or Republicans being racist. It is an illustration of a really insightful point made by your friend chait, which is that local government is the worst government. It is the form of government that is most corrupt, because it is most likely to be hijacked by concentrated, powerful local interests (such as police unions, fire unions, pipefitters, teamsters, businesses, chambers of commerce, coalitions of liquor store owners or beer distributors, hairdresssers and barbers, etc.) who will use regulations and laws and courts to protect their interests and raise prices and restrict competition. Matt Y has also made this same point wrt zoning and liscencing regulations.

    And if you want an academic explication, Here is a really good book, that I actually think you’d enjoy: The Rise and Decline of Nations, by Mancur Olson. (he is a conservative economist, who dies a number of years ago. (

    It is really not about race as much as it is about protecting a system of corruption, and policemen (white and black) are beneficiaries of the system, while those who are poor (and, in Chicago, usually black) are the victims.


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