Jots w/ dots 11/23

BLM Jamar:  I was reading the papers.  It appears this man was a type whose ill temper made him unsuitable for membership in the local street gangs.   That bad.  So anyway, a few things from each side can be true here.  Or at least discerned.

Yeah, he was unarmed.

He scuffled with the cops I’m sure.

He probably was not cuffed when he got shot.

This assertion Jamal ‘reached for the officer’s weapon’…  There’s probably a 90% probability that’s not meaningfully / actually / literally true.  All the assailant’s movements are considered ‘reaching for the officer’s weapon’ during an encounter like this.  It’s completely boilerplate, the officers always say that in the report because it’s unfalsifiable and as a practical legal matter it has an effect of exonerating.  That’s the case law.  If the officer believes it, the shooting is justified.

So, Jamar got shot.

In these pages I’ve expressed a depth of sympathy for BLM and its aims, but this thing here is enough of a mess I have a hard time making it support any particular notion.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:  let’s say, it would be nice if the public were generally educated enough to understand that we don’t have a government with powers to yank the sanction of a church to operate…. Cuz we don’t have a government that gives churchs’ sanction to operate.  Recall, the First Amendment.  Now, that Trump is one of the imbeciles in this country that doesn’t know this…. That’s not surprising.  Rubio?  I dunno, I’d have to examine the source quote for context, and I don’t see it anywhere.  He didn’t go to Harvard eh…. And such that he didn’t and such that we’ve had 4 Presidents in a row who did go to Harvard or Yale… makes ya think maybe Cruz will be the guy, cuz he did and he’s displayed this formidability….  Not that I’m in love with him, but I don’t think his obnoxiousness problem is too serious compared to Hillary’s old corrupt harpy problem.

Analysis: True.

Maybe it’s not ‘bad’ news I mean, maybe she’s just lying / pandering to get the votes from a certain amount of sheeple she needs to get over the top eh.  That would be OK right.

They don’t have a gun control tab.  Cuz, we won…. Anyway, the Ds and Rs in my family don’t really argue at Thanksgiving.

My children ask me questions about the world…. And I very often give them 300 level undergraduate answers, these taking an hour or so.  I’m verbose eh.  We were talking the other day.  The HS freshman is in advanced anthropology, they call it “AP Geography”, and he gives me a pretty detailed recitation of the Obama administration’s basic argument for not getting very deep into Syria.  It’s that notion for futility, quagmire, and ‘not doing stupid shit.’ Tonally, I think I detect he approves the wisdom of this.  I guess maybe there’s a bias in that classroom, and that’s curious…  it is a public school… but it’s also just curious to me they have this quality of discussion going on there.  Wow.


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