Religion is the smile on a dog

Been completely earwormed with Edie Brickell since amusing myself with that philosophy is the talk on a cereal box reference.  Downloaded it from Itunes.  Been asking my dog if it’s true that religion is the smile on a dog.

Had to take my boys to religion last Wed as usual.  The eldest, the 14 year old, is supremely bored by it.  I had to acknowledge…. I didn’t like it either in the 80’s, and there’s got to be something deficient about Catholic instruction, as what is timeless is the Lutheran kids seem to enjoy their church youth groups.  And with them / that sect, there is I think more an evangelical focus on joy / love that might make this understandable or stand to a certain reason.

But… tough luck for you kid, I said, you didn’t luck out that way.  You’re German-Irish Catholic, so you go there to focus on your flaws and this has got to be varying degrees of miserable / insufferable / unpleasant.

Jots w/ dots 11/20

That’s because the no refugees now position is reasonable and prudent

With the college kids and their hysterical advocacies and protests….  Thing that’s kinda notionally curious to me is the understanding that these kids will matriculate into the world of operating an adult household with that necessitating earning an adult living.  Which probably requires working in a cube farm.  In cube farms, you don’t do melodrama.  So there’s a contrast / disconnect / something dissonant to me here…. That makes me shake my head at those crazy kids.

I’m going to this  with the wife.  Need to atone for not ‘getting it’ as a young person.  The music is good.

I had my eye on this, because I use it and I see a lot of people use it  yeah well, this is normal and the smart thing is to buy at post IPO prices.  By the way, the little square smartphone fob is not ‘all’ that Square adds to the cc industry.  Fair to say Square underwrote / guaranteed / captured the commerce of a small business segment the traditional processors wouldn’t transact with.


3 thoughts on “Religion is the smile on a dog

  1. pm1956

    (sorry, must have miskeyed something there)

    far easier to come in as a tourist. further, terrorists tend to be well funded, have lots of options that refugees do not have. Also, this position (scapegoating refugees) just helps the ISIS propaganda, that West is anti-Islam, and it is a war of civilizations. That is a loser for us (there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, and we do not want to go to war with all of them–better to go after the thousands of terrorists instead). But, rationality os not currently the strongpoint of GOP and those who are scared.

    2. Princeton and Woodrow Wilson. First, Wilson was a huge racist. Absolutely no doubt about it. That said, there is no point in trying to change history, or to whitewash it. College is still a time where students are growing and learning. There needs to be some coddling still, but less than in high school. They n eed to get ready for the reality of life in a cube farm, and college should be sort of a mid point between high school and real life. So you take these demands more seriously than those of a high school student, but not as seriously as those of an adult. Rebellion is a part of becoming an adult. They will learn from this, and get valuable lessons. And it wouldn’t be a bad thing to emphasize the shortcomings of Woodrow Wilson. That is also a valuable lesson for us, to be reminded about the shortcomings of people in the past. We can learn from that as well. Idealism is a good thing, and we probably need more of it in our lives, rather than less of it.


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