BLM Jamar

This seems to have moved to a place where the judgment of whether the shooting was justifiable or not is to be determined by whether the fella was handcuffed.

I doubt that’s right, or ought to be.  Much like Michael Brown / Ferguson that way, where the focus came to rest on whether in the end Brown had his hands up to surrender…  This is the wrong thing, not really relevant, as the important thing is that review boards and grand juries are accustomed to excusing police shootings where the shot are unarmed if some notion of ‘justifiab-ility’ can be expressed against a very minimal threshold for personal danger.

The cops may very well be lying here…. cuz they commonly do on police reports.   But if it comes to pass Clark was not handcuffed, BLM might be faulted for not succeeding with their movement because they can’t make the right point and that they implicitly ratify the wrong ones.  People aren’t receptive to that in a protest movement eh.

Misc on this:

It’s not obvious to me that getting the BCA to do the investigation makes it qualitatively better and truthful and gets a Hennepin County prosecutor to file a charge at any point if warranted.

If you got an investigator who interviews 10 civilian bystanders, and they all say the guy was handcuffed, and he also interviews 3 cops and 2 EMTs who says he wasn’t…. What then?  Give it to the grand jury and let them figure it out?  You can see where a cosmic justice has no chance of getting served here, and this kind of thing is leading me to a sort of nihilism concerning ‘justice’, cosmic or otherwise.   Don’t put too much faith in it happening.  Be pleasantly surprised if it does.

Harteau and Hodges might look superficially strong and assertive when they bring in third party bureaus, but I gotta think it’s really a reflection of weakness that they can have no faith city institutions will come to the right actions on their own.


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