I don’t have observations that are to be woven into a conclusion.  I feel more resigned than anything.  Note this stuff:

From Paris, there is this glyph being passed around that is a mashup of a peace sign and the Eiffel Tower.  Fine, as far as it goes, but whatever this war is…. It’s not something that gets salved with sentiments of peace, good will, diversity, and understanding.   Thus, the sentimental exercise there is kind of infantile or naïve.  I disapprove.

Bri has a Paris column over at Joey and the Bri.  I don’t actually disagree with his expression for the futility in waging war over there. That’s a thing, that futility.  If it’s futile, don’t do it.  I buy that, it can be a proper rationale, and it’s often the President’s rationale.  I can not find fault for whatever wisdom this might be in the way of prudence / cautiousness, this hesitation on his part.

Then again, I don’t know that this isn’t an answer.  Thing is, we look back at our wars with an eye to figuring out if we were right or not.  We’d not ever have a regret about grinding Raqqa into dust, it would be thought of as having been necessary.  And yeah, it doesn’t solve things at the macro level….but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful thing to do.

If we have been air striking ISIL for a year, I think this is a good question….  how is it there were 20 decent targets in Raqqa left to hit?  Well, it’s ostensibly the fear of civilian causalities right.  That is a proper fear, but it’s not like the peace-left would ever hold President DroneStrike’s feet to the fire on something like that.  No worries, bomb Raqqa like Sarajevo.

This:  A conclusion that can’t be superseded for wisdom and truth is, we don’t have to admit refugees.  We can, and it’s very magnanimous when we do… but we’re not obligated to, and it’s not a poor reflection on us for not doing so now in violation of prudence.  We shouldn’t now.  So to see smarmy lefty snark merchants and ironists try to carve out some contrarian, counterintuitive space so that they can cry racist…. Go right ahead, put your money where your mouth is and keep doing that until the election.


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