Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box

Bruce Atwater probably knows that way better than Edie Brickell eh.  Get it…. General Mills… Cereal…  Philosophy… gehar gehar.

Oh I amuse myself, thank goodness I discovered blogging so that I don’t verbalize my inanities out there semi-publicly…

To get back… Oh quite, I know that for its truth… as a discipline with its rigor for thought process, philosophers are well equipped for the world of detail and decisions.  So I’d not say philosophy and its study is a frivolity, especially if business and law is what you use it for.  I don’t think Rubio would diminish that either, though he’s being chided as if that’s what he meant.

I think the context in which Rubio spoke assumes the track from philosophy major to philosophy instructor is a bit crowded and that the sector there as a whole is not that important to the economy.   I think that’s true…. probably.  And that in this quest to get everyone into college we’re forgetting the role of trades to provide work and value, and that (maybe) we’ve got an imbalance that’s causing some problems.

This is a common sentiment and I think there’s some quality insight there.

I would acknowledge also, it’s right to be careful to not over romanticize the trades and mfg.  I think the knowledge economy is, yes, very important.  Is it superseding?   I don’t know.  We still have material needs, I don’t think these needs have been diminished.  It’s that we’ve outsourced material needs generation from here to make it cheaper, such that the mfg sector has an appearance of being superseded by the domestic knowledge economy.

Jots w/ dots 11/13/15

Related:  I’m not a gold guy  I never was, and I guess take some pride in never succumbing to that train of thought / achieving a sophistication of mind that understands the asset base of things we make and the property at large on the macro level is or ought to be sufficient to support the currency.

The problem in believing this is, deer will go where they want to go  Which is to say I’m dubious they can be herded with a pick-up

Maryland pulls the plug on its ballistic fingerprint program  The gun people have hated this stuff right, and have been “intransigently” opposed….  The basis for this intransigence is that it doesn’t work, K?  Ya know, the article says there’s a basis of science to be utilized there, but it’s not really true.  Yes, if you’re to compare a fired case from a gun in question, you can I’m sure make a persuasive argument in court that argues for the identity of said particular gun, which may in turn incriminate who possessed it.  That’s helpful to a jury.  What can’t be done is, pick up fired case from crime scene, and go to lab to match against one of your million cartridge cases on file, and go arrest owner of gun.  That’s the aim and the argument, but its baloney.  These case imprints are not qualitatively different enough, even under magnification, so that say one Glock can be distinguished from another if you’re querying a database.  And thing is, Glocks are popular.


7 thoughts on “Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box

  1. pm1956

    Glad you are not a gold standard guy. That has always been one of my quick tests of basic economic literacy. I think that any person who wants to go to a gold standard has no understanding of how our economy works. Of course, most people don’t, but still, you really do not want one of those people in the white house.

    Gold Standard people are basically people who think that the past was much better than the present, and want to go back there. Most Republicans do actually fall into this nostalgia trap. those are the Republicans that i think are fools. I personally think that the present is a far better place than the past ever was, and I think that the future will be even better. And none of them are likely to ever be a utopia.

  2. pm1956

    Piling on about philosophy majors… Pat Fallon was a philosophy major at the U of MN. He made a whole lot more than any welder.

      1. pm1956

        well, to the extent that there are far worse responses (banning Syrian immigrants from your state, and pretty much anything coming from the mouth of Ben Carson or Donald Trump), yeah, you are probably right.

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