Mizzou: it’s not all mass psychosis

Who’s saying it is?  Well, I would have given that the material facts undergirding the ‘protest(s)’ are sketchy.

I’m not there, but let’s be real.  People with a discernment for reality know a lot of this stuff isn’t what people assert.

Yeah, the poop swastika happened, I guess…. But still.  The poop swastika was not an act that comes from institutional racism.  The poop swastika was either done by a drunk kid with … issues.  Or it was done by one of the protest people, one with … issues, maybe explained as some kinda Munchausen thing.  In either case, it’s an act of trolling and not a ‘hate crime’.

Black people getting called the N word by passing motorists… such that it happens… that’s not a problem of institutional racism, or a hostile environment problem that Mizzou could do something about anyway.  Missouri presumably has retrograde rednecks eh, and the college exists within that larger milieu.

The Klan assembling to move onto the campus and counter protest…. That’s BS, people’s imagination getting away from them.  The college has no obligation to make people feel safe from the boogie man as the boogie man does not exist.

So it ain’t real, hardly any of it.  But mass psychosis is an unsatisfying explanation right?  So what then is going on at Mizzou… what do we call it?

It’s a BLM proxy fight.

I don’t say that pejoratively.  I believe in BLM’s basic observation of institutional racism, particularly within the CJ system.  I am though at least a little bit of a white scold who would say the state fair or Vikings game protests are ill advised. (I kinda thought MOA was a fair target…).  It’s to say, I’ve been generally dubious of BLM making stands in tertiary venues.

But, take it to tertiary venues they do, and that’s what this is…. It’s almost rather sensible though, provided you understand the dynamic.  This BLM protest arises at Mizzou with this potency because it’s probably the biggest collegiate community with an activist base that has meaningful locational proximity to Ferguson.

So, Mizzou is about Ferguson / BLM.  It would be nice if that was understandable, but this is the world we live in.


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