Rhymes with Frog Witch

Slate guy goes nuh-uh to Rubio on the trades

Yah right.  Rebutting point was made immediately in numerous places, and in my mind it is this…. If there are 5000 collegiate philosophy instructors out there making non-adjunct money, IE adult money… I don’t know, say $67,500 in their associate professorships at Moo U out there… it’s that there’s probably 100,000 welders in the country making $50K… and then, there’s like 100,000 people who have philosophy majors who are working as a baristas or else properly moved onto something that pays a living.

The Slate guy is a bit obtuse to nuance.

Guy on the baseball team from a few years back is a welder.  I’m sure he makes $50K if not quite a bit more.

My sister in law has a theology masters, she’s working at Target.  Not corporate….in a store wearing a red shirt for whatever, like $12/hr.

Another guy on the old baseball team, his long time girlfriend is working her way up the SJW ranks, is a doctoral candidate and has been published in Huffpo.  She’s very vocal on the FB.  I can see where she might end up with a professorship, but it’s all been made possible because she’s a trustafarian.

I am not anti-intellectual…. I kinda think like a textualist myself these days.  I value that stuff and moreso understand there’s properly a place for professionals in the academy to pursuit it in furtherance of human knowledge…. And be properly supported by people in, ya know, the productive sector.  That’s fine with me.

But what ¾ or 4/5 or 9/10 those people do isn’t as important as what welders do economically.  Which is add or create value in products / assets that can be exchanged for money, which can be used to buy more shit that has to be created or value enhanced.  Which are jobs, value creating jobs.  Value begets value and enables commerce.   Which is what the name of the game is when you have an economy.

About that 90% of philosophy professors / textualisms adding no value:

Prog bitch is a valid trope eh, we can all put our finger on that right?  What a piece of work.

Yeah, the part I liked is the request for ‘muscle’ to physically intimidate someone.  Seems she’s with the patriarchy here.

Her apology was fine as far as it goes, wasn’t really weasel-ly.

To go on a somewhat related tangent…. And I’m thinking the Yale-ie’s in the news moreso than the Mizzou kids…. the ‘wealth inequality’ problem, such that it is, has big components besides merely the superficial cash.  A great part of it is class… which of course depends on cash…. But is manifested in this assortative thing where rich people send their kids to very expensive colleges so they can be with other rich kids and come out fine arts majors and philosophers because they don’t have practical worries about needing a proper job to pay back $400k in college debt… whatever one spends at Yale in 4 years.  Put a 30% tax on tuition payments on, pick a number, over $40k.  That would probably wring some of the excess out of that milieu.  That would make the rich feel it in the pocketbook and would do something about ‘wealth inequality’, way more than these ambiguous single digit tax hikes that we debate, these of the type that can basically be accounted away within a 1040 and Schedule C.

Chait:  Liberalism needs a safe space made for it on college campuses


Ya know, I think he’s right of course.  One of the things he’s doing is making his case for a certain, sober, old time liberal Democrat.  It’s just that, he might be the last of this type, not sure there’s anyone else…


One thought on “Rhymes with Frog Witch

  1. pm1956

    So my classmate, Ethan Coen, was a philosophy major. Bet he makes more than any welder out there! More even than Jennifer Beals.

    thing is, as a philosophy major, you can do just about anything. For example, Bruce Atwater was the CEO of General Mills, and he was also a philosophy major. it is one of the most rigorous majors you can do. Probably one of the least renumerative things you can do as a philosophy major is to be a philosophy professor. And i would bet that there are a whole lot more philosophy majors that don’t become philosophers than there are welders who aren’t welding.

    Frankly, i think that you are wrong about what is important to the economy, as well. Making things or growing things is becoming less and less important. Organizing things and creating meaning are the real drivers of value in our economy today–and that is exactly what people like Bruce Atwater and Ethan Coen do/did. They are the ones who direct the welders, who utilize the welders, who hire the welders.

    There is nothing particularly romantic about working with your hands. you seem to have a thing for this, and should recognize this as one of your foibles, not a truth about the world.


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