Truth… or not truth  I don’t think he’s a ‘real’ candidate eh, but it’s not at all implausible that his childhood in Detroit was as sketchy as he says it was.  Despite CNN not being able to corroborate it.  It’s to say, I tend to believe Carson on that.  There’s this sideline discussion out there on who’s blacker, Carson or the President (…I say Carson, but it doesn’t really matter…).  Well, you get the feeling CNN trying to disprove Carson’ s dodgy childhood is an effort to disprove his blackness.  Anyway, understand, he’s not my guy, he is too much an amateur for me, and yes something of an absurdity though I don’t think a malevolent presence out there in the public arena.

Jots w/ dots 11/6

Truth… or not truth  O’Reilly’s show is one of those things that I have viewed a total of 15 minutes over the last 15 years.  I end up being shocked when I go into a Barnes and Noble and see these books of his, his and Becks and a few others.  This publishing gambit is one that plays on that susceptibility to grift found out there in red states.   I believe Will.

Future President Rubio’s tax plan will apparently harm the poor by giving them a tax cut that’s numerically smaller than the tax cut rich people get, ya know, because they’re tax payments are not as big in the first place  If I got a tax cut of $2500 on the $10k I submit each year, that would be a lot.  It doesn’t really matter if the physician or attorney on the river gets a $100k tax cut on the $1M+ he submits.  In this battle over numerical vs proportional analysis, you gotta go with proportional.  To go with numerical is to never, ever be able to approve of a tax cut as it will never be progressive enough for the left by virtue of superficial math.  THAT SAID…..  I do find it kind of a tiresome thing to have tax cuts be the big thing on the Republican platform.  I say in the candor I would to say to Studs Terkel if he were interviewing me for Working….  I earn in excess of a $100K a year, I have W2 tax submittals exceeding $10K….I don’t think I’m overburdened.  Make regulation the big thing on the platform.

Here now, is a great big nothing burger  Cooke below is right, he had basically what amounts to a corporate card from the party, and he had privileges to make personal swipes on it that he would be obligated to pay off with personal funds.  Which he did.  There’s zero difference between him and the way people use their cards in my corporate world.  IE, if you can’t get reimbursement approved, it’s your responsibility to pay… I’ll go further and say, Rubio’s finances are completely typical of a common / median / mean type Gen Xer, one who’s normatively middle class affluent and has been on a pedestrian path to same out of college.  Most people here are quite substantially leveraged unless you’ve had very good habits or your ability to earn has matured early and exceptionally.  To have gone to school and to get married and to live in a house and have kids, you have been juggling bills and debts.  What you’ve really got here is the gold collar class of the lefty commentariat making snide that Rubio isn’t rich.  Recall by the way, that when Hillary was the same age and responding to the same pressures, what she did was take a $100k bribe that was disguised as successful cattle futures trading.


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