No one knows why? 

Dude across the street died in August of a substance abuse related liver cancer, he was single and 52.

I think we’ve known for a long time that, epidemiologically, married people live longer.  With marriage there is a correlation to clean living and getting nagged to go to the doctor and being too busy making ends meet to wallow in despair. Ya know, purpose.  Purpose that drives you and keeps you going.

So the answer here, what with middle age middle class people having greater mortality now, is the diminishment of the marriage institution therein.  And it’s merely cultural.  It’s in some ways just modernity, is not degraded by other things like say gay marriage.   The change has been going on longer than that.

But, I dunno, I see that plain as day and see the unwillingness to say that as one of those critiques of post-modernism that academicians and epidemiologists are loathe to make lest it affirm traditional values like marriage.  Found after I wrote this:

Jots w/ dots 11/5/15

Chait stains:  I dunno, I imagine it started as mostly a marketing scam.  At this point Carson probably believes he’s really running.  Ditto, Trump.  Thought 2:  yes, Republicans are more susceptible to hucksterisim.  But,  I’m not sure it’s all that a bad thing that there are such low institutional barriers to entry on the R side.

Gun control is a political loser  But go ahead, tell yourself differently Democrats.

HW, first class temperament:  More apparent if it wasn’t obvious before.


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