Air bags, in the news

Takata is getting fined for how they’ve ‘handled’ their air bag recall.  I don’t know Takata.  I know Toyota, and my ’05 Corolla got recalled, undoubtedly because it uses Takata’s components.

So, I was advised at some point mid 2015 that my car was under safety recall, and they’d fix it when the supply of parts was ready.  With safety equipment, that’s somewhat a deficient answer.  You can’t expect the consumer to drive around with defective safety equipment.

I made this very point in a phone call to a local dealer, in which I asked them to move me to the front of the repair queue, as I have carpooling obligations with children, mine and other people’s.  They said the parts weren’t even available yet, and had no great idea when they would be.

And then they gave me a loaner, which I am to drive indefinitely, apparently.  And it’s nice as far as it goes, a 2013 Corolla.  Has Bluetooth, I like it.

So that’s how that’s ‘handled’.  But you do gotta ask for it.  I think they could probably actually give me this $12k car for what it’s going to cost to pay the monthly rental fees through say next year.


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