Always be Royals

They’re very good, and unlike the Mets, they don’t have the superficial appearance of having robust starting pitching.  They got no one with more than 13 wins… and yet they are dominant.  Its curious.  My dilettante scouting:

Edinson Volquez:  Throws very hard, strong pitching resemblance to Pedro Martinez with the curling fastball and changeup.  I’m surprised he hasn’t had a better career to this point.

Chris Young:  6’ 10” guy who can’t throw a fastball exceeding 85 mph.  It’s obligatory for me to say with an example like this… I’ve gotten base hits off guys who throw 85.  Doubles even.  With that fastball and how close he release to the plate, he must be living inside a wrinkle of the eye’s ability to pick up the ball within certain frames per second…. I’ve mentioned that before.

Luke Hochevar: a right handed reliever who throws all sliders.  There’s a couple of those every generation who kinda thrive.  Maybe he’s this era’s.

Jots w/ dots 11/2

On the ellipsis

IALTO where liberals get all self-righteous about conservatives ‘lying’.  I know, I know….  Not a moral equivalence….

97% consensus  If ice is going to grow on the south pole, how can sea levels rise eh?  Well… what you can do here is take the actual measurements, and replace them with those from a statistical model, and thereby get rid of the ice growth.  Just like they got rid of ‘the pause’.  And keep claiming global warming whether it actually happens or not.

The making of President Rubio:  He’s a Republican though, so I suppose you can still damn him with this and claim no moral equivalence to D examples like Hillary or the Pres.

Where evidence is thin means evidence is non-existent  Its because in ‘working’, no one gets pay adjustments when benefit costs change.  Its just that as you may come to the realization at some point you’re getting below market pay, because market conditions have changed… this is not something your employer ever address.  It’s not addressed until you change jobs whereby someone ostensibly offers you pay on par with the market.  That’s true if you are FTE or a contractor, and I think true across all industries.  It’s to say, if there is cheaper health insurance (which isn’t going to happen anyway….), employers are not going to pass the cost savings on to employee paychecks.  BTW… ‘they’ are talking how Obamacare enrollment has pretty much topped out at 10M or so, and healthy people who don’t need subsidies don’t enroll.  This isn’t going to work actuarially.  Now I don’t expect a dramatic collapse from the actuarial death spiral, what with the feds footing the bill.  They can afford to lose money until a legislative change is demanded by budget minded congress people.  And what that change will be, is converting the Ocare exchange users into a high risk pool whose premiums are subsidized if not paid completely.  There, irony of ironies, you’ll see that in the end the health insurance problem in this country was fixed with a ‘Republican idea’.  Gehar gehar.


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