Jots w/ dots 10/27

The irony that exurban enclaves don’t have cable  Is low density life in the exurbs really “enclave-ish”?  There’s a few little river communities over here…. Lakeland, Lakeland Shores, St. Croix Beach, St. Mary’s Point…  Lakeland, across from Hudson, is the one that most resembles a ‘village’, I live there…  but none of the little river villages have this no broadband problem.  We have actual ‘neighborhoods’ through which it was cost viable to string cable.  Anywho, I don’t get the plight there in the greater township.  Seems to me these horse farm owners in Afton could subscribe to DSL over the still in service copper phone lines.  Or use a hotspot service from say Verizon.  The cost isn’t extraordinary as compared to cable.

I’m going to cut this kid a break for not understanding the amortization curve  I may not have understood it when I was in my early twenties.  Other parts about this are a bit terrifying.  You can roll up an $85K student loan debt getting a liberal arts degree at a state university?  Yikes…I had already told my kids, don’t go to a private college to become a teacher.  I’ll extend that to the state schools I guess.  I have also told them as java programmers they can be earning $100K somewhat before they are 30.

Voxsplained:  more tax brackets = less wealth inequality  and ya know, its Reagan’s fault.  I don’t agree, I think Vox is oblivious here to geometric multiplication qualities modern investment banking practices have had on wealth since the 80s.  That and inflation, which has enhanced equity values.  And are also oblivious to the amount of taxes the equity sector has thrown off to the govt since.

I disagree with this intuitive junk science  You could say its junk science, but I don’t think the FBI director is even quoting a study, he’s just spit balling.  And I bet he’s wrong.

This guy is a clown  and  “I just don’t know about that”.  In particular, one of my objections is this conversational style of speaking he has, that of some Queens goomba.  It offends me for various reasons, some of which are I grant provincial in nature.  But whatevs.  BTW, such that I rail Democrats shouldn’t be satisfied with Hillary, I have vowed (to my family) that I won’t vote for Trump if that’s the candidate that presented to me.


2 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 10/27

  1. pm1956

    Exurbs and cable. Yeah, life is full of trade offs. You want to be out in the woods, and then you have to drive a ways to get to interesting restaurants. same with cable. There are certain things that come with density, with urban areas, and choice is one of them.

    $$ and education. This is a conundrum. Bottom line is that education has not experienced the types of cost reduction that other industries have. Reason is pretty simple: people use student teacher ratios as a shorthand for educational excellence. If you want lower cost education, you need to cut labor costs. That means that student teacher ratios will have to go up. Apparently the customers do not want that to happen.

    Vox and tax brackets. They are right. the number of tax brackets is not what created complexity. Complexity is created by deductions and exemptions and loopholes. And, basically, the smaller the number of tax brackets, the more likely people with widely differing incomes will be paying similar amounts of taxes. but that is all about income inequality, and paying differing amounts of taxes is only part of the equation. You need to receive differing amounts of benefits based on income as well. And all of that is different from wealth inequality.

    FBI and people watching cops. I agree with you. The FBI guy is all wrong. Cops need to get used to people watching over them. Do policing right, and do it in public.

    Trump and Carson. New polls are out showing that a majority of GOP leaning voters think that Trump is the most electable GOP candidate, followed by Carson. Sen. graham wonders what is up with that, and How am I losing to these jokers? And i simply do not know. I think that both Trump and Carson would be terrible failures as President (best case scenario would be that they are as good as Jesse Ventura, who surprised me). Maybe Rubio pulls it out. Jeb! certainly appears to be dead in the water (which is a good thing, I think).

    A Trump/Hillary debate would be something, however…..


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