Jots w/ dots 10/24

Total whine

I have no great insight here, but will underscore that, yeah, the ‘muni’ as the place where you have to get your booze seems absurdly retrograde.  I’m working in Edina, next to this Total Wine on 494 and France.  I’ll go there today to check it out if the rains stops.  Maybe they got Vat 69 in the glass bottle. I have drank a lot of beer this summer, and settled on New Castle Brown Ale as a favorite. Nice as it is, it’s just that…. pleasant… and maybe kinda bland, admittedly.  Having zeroed in on ales I will put it on my list to spot some others maybe.

Eye on Cabelas:  Not sure I buy the notion of cannibalization entirely.  They don’t have that many stores and they are far apart.  Such that my oddball business was very robust for several years, it was buoyed along with all the gun buying that was going on re the post Sandy Hook gun control panics.  I think Cabela’s probably felt the same effect.  It’s a little slack now.  PS:  It didn’t occur to me Cabela’s was publicly traded, and ya figure it’s not really a growth opportunity.  PPS:  Cabela’s is still way better than Gander Mountain in every way.

I agree with this intuitive or counterintuitive notion.  And I’m glad.

Annals of pointless overreach and reacharound…. Benghazi….  Ya know, in our hearts I think everyone, Democrats included, understand she lied and that she’s a feckless self- serving liar in great excess of the hyperbole privileges granted most politicians.  Things is, what Republicans want is public acknowledgement of that in a meaningful way, and Democrats won’t allow it.   Cuz, the noble lie…. Noble lies are OK in furtherance of egalitarianism / collectivism and beating your Republican opponets.  IT IS POINTLESS for the GOP to think they can penetrate the double standard and be persuasive about Hillary in some way to people who are not ever going to vote Republican, and I’m being less wry here than really actually questioning the value of the exercise.  You’re only impressing yourselves GOP.  About as pointless BTW, as liberals having tried to get some acknowledgement about WMD in Iraq for the sake of it.  Similar and about as pointless.


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