The arsenalists

I think that’s a word they are using over at Salon / the Atlantic these days.


What this means is, there’s a lot of firearms ownership inequality out there, amirite.  Let’s do something about that eh.

What happens is, you accumulate….  You get a simple shotgun as a boy for bird hunting.  Same for .22 for small game.  Then a deer rifle.  And maybe then you even need a slug gun for deer, because you find a spot in a slug zone to hunt….  And such that these are simple guns or hand me downs, you upgrade when you’re an adult and have the money and necessity to do so.  But you keep the old stuff.  Ya know, and maybe you buy a defense pistol at one point because you think you need one…. And then you like shooting and you get something else that’s trendy or in a different caliber…  Then you’re middle age and credible, and a gun guy …. and you get called to take the guns when one of the old folks have passed on.  And if these guns are good you probably keep them because they’re good.  And if they’re kind of cheesy you maybe keep them because they are a PITA to try and sell.

You can end up with a few dozen without really trying.  I suppose Wapo and Salon and whoever would have everyone fear the ‘arsenalists’, but it’s probably a vaguely safer environment if these little collections get tied up and maintained by people who care about it and know what they are doing.


3 thoughts on “The arsenalists

  1. pm1956

    Or there are the other arsenalists….

    One of my best friends from high school is a true arsenalist. He owns over 100 .44magnums. He also had a .50 caliber single shot made–from an old Browning WWII machine gun. He is a gun nut. One of his favorite things to do (before he put on too much weight ) was to combine sky diving with target shooting–but targets on the ground near where he would try to land, and see what he could do with his .44 auto mag.

    He is kind of crazy.


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