Rush Card Glitch

First I’ve heard of it  Some of these music impresarios do well with tangential merchandising.  Russell Simmons, Jay Z, Dr. Dre, P Diddy.  And then the trope / narrative is, wow, these guys are great businessmen too.  And I’m sure they are in some cases but you got the press cheering them on where they wouldn’t otherwise celebrate business so much.  Cuz of the diversity angle, probably… and then I think there’s probably a s subsequent impulse there to overstate the success of some of these businesses.  This one, Rush Card….  What I’ll stand on is, you don’t have ten day “glitches” where money on deposit can’t be accessed.  This smells like a liquidity problem in a case where there ought not be a valid reason for one, which probably ends up being misappropriation…  The press will have to confront that shortly I imagine.  Other observation is…. And I think you’d be able to document this in numerous walks of life…. The word ‘glitch’ is being changed to mean ‘bad luck’ by the PR people of the world.  It ain’t always bad luck, is what I’m saying.  Sometimes it ‘glitches’ come from malfeasance.

Jots w/ dots 10/22

I’d rephrase it as, there are “97% truthers” because “97% consensus” is BS  The article is basically a dog whistle as she doesn’t actually discredit the argument.

“If Bernie Sanders didn’t have to fight in Vietnam because of his beliefs, why do business owners have to participate in gay weddings in spite of theirs?” Great question and I think the answer has to be in some fasion, ya know, “not morally equivalent” amirite.

Yeah, that wasn’t a clock says the Atlantic.  It was some provocative gamesmanship.  Not that the school and the cops handled it right.  Still.

I’m not sure I have a case to disagree with this counterintuitive notion.  Kristol was playing it for laughs, K?  Understand that.  But I go back to the most recent trilogy where the trade federation is made out to be malevolent for…. wanting to engage in free trade, I guess…  and I’m not sure the Jedi are on the moral high ground opposing them.  Anyway, to be sure the Empire is right wing, but how do I know the Jedi are not kinda Castro-ite?


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