Typical white, B+ Minnesotans

I wouldn’t have expected to hear something like this out of Dayton’s mouth.


Figure maybe he’s got some young, urbane, bourgeois hating / self loathing / commie poseur wiseasses on staff who from he appropriated this quip.  See what I did there.  In any event, the quip I guess does accurately describe a population, and it’s also completely offensive in its sneering way

I’ll go to my one quibble with Powerline’s take first:  I don’t think Dayton is “unfathomably” rich at this point.  In recent years when he was disclosing his tax returns, I think it was typical for him to report between $400k – $900K in income, maybe a hair over $1M prolly if he had a lot of cap gains from his SD trust to report.  You extrapolate that, figure he might have $5M in assets, maybe $10M.  That’s nice, but not ‘unfathomable’ wealth.  Course the family wealth is much more, and he had a bigger piece of it, but he consumed much of his over the years running for office.  Which I wouldn’t have done, but, whatevs.  He did insert himself into the process in a thoughtful way, and the money made it possible where his personal B+ attributes probably wouldn’t have been sufficient.  So that money did buy something, it was not wasted.

I digress….as to the rest of it….  Though they are conservatives I don’t link to Powerline a lot because they are kinda dick lawyers with a very institutional, law and order and punishment perspective.  They aren’t racists though, and neither am I, and I think we are all proper in wondering what the necessity is to bring in 3rd world refugees.  We’re not gaining economically from it and whatever else it’s for it’s also an exercise in trying to buy a stairway to heaven.  And I don’t think we’re obligated to do that so that we can assure ourselves we’re good people.  That’s where I’m kinda a dick conservative, but like I said, it isn’t racist.  It’s a respect for limitations and an understanding of folly and pointlessness.  Which is different from xenophobia.

So Dayton’s wrong economically, but what’s offensive is the white, B+ Minnesotan thing.  Ya know, it’s true as far as it goes, this is the Garrison Keillor insight, where everyone here in New Scandinavia is above average.  It’s true that Minnesota exceptionalism exists, that our metrics have been outstanding, and it’s true that a bit of homogeneity allowed for that to happen.  Which is not to value homogeneity, and I don’t particularly or even at all.  But I don’t really get, as I allude, the bourgeois hating disdain that would make one sneer like that.  The racial self-loathing that it represents is a thing that liberals do, and it’s an obnoxious whether they understand that or not.

Jots w/ dots 10/21/15

Breaking:  Biden not running.  Not what I expected.  Doesn’t matter much, I don’t think HRC beats Rubio, policy be damned, primarily because she’s going to lack for a perception for ‘vigor’ against a good looking 45 yr old man.  Wouldn’t be any different if she was a 70 yr old man.

This is good, and by that I think I mean Ryan having ultimatum’d the caucus.  http://hotair.com/archives/2015/10/20/breaking-paul-ryan-will-try-to-be-unity-candidate-for-speaker/  I think I do accept the Chait observation that House Republicans have been oblivious to normative and constitutional limits to power

I said something like that  http://hotair.com/archives/2015/10/20/the-latest-prediction-that-the-nra-is-going-to-collapse-any-day-now/


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