Jots w/ dots 10/20

Socialism is back…

On Maher’s show he apparently challenged Sanders with the truth that what he wants is going to cost $15 trillion per annum or something similarly absurd, and that there isn’t actually enough affluent wealth to tax to pay for all that.  Sanders denied this, so far as one can deny math.  Let’s grant that Sanders was probably just being contrary rather than lying.  But the truth is…. he’s way on board with lining out middle class frivolities that come from a mercantile / consumer society.  That’s the equal impoverishment ideal of ‘real’ socialism, and he wants that.  That’s what Sanders’ famous notion of getting down to one brand of deodorant is about, and that’s where the rest of the money to pay for his welfare state comes from.  A reallocation of normal people’s expendable income….. Socialism ain’t back when people understand that.

What’s the typical Democrat legislative gambit?  Lie (noble lies, mind you) and dissemble enough to get bills passed, and have confidence the sheeple will acclimate after to whatever tax you’ve raised etc.  That looks a bit perilous here if Coleman wants to keep being mayor.

I disagree with this intuitive notion   Winkler is a fairly prominent pro-gun control academician.  Boy, he’s certainly gleeful for this demographic change that’s to make the NRA obsolete in two or 3 generations.  What then, by the way?  Is that when the gun show loophole gets closed?  Congrats.  It’s just to say, this is about more than the gun show loophole eh.  Anyway, I think he’s probably wrong.  Generally, a lot of the Democrats desires seem to hinge on demographic turnover.  Cuz, people of color are all collectivists who have no desire for prosperity amirite.  Well….  I think it’s wise to understand the future as like the past, but more so.   And thing is, the two party system with its polarity has had a reliable ability to keep the game at the political 50 yard line.  So what happens with migration and demographic turnover?  They’ll be plenty of contrarians among the migrants and people of color who go Republican and take the place of the old white people impeding progress.

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Government is just the thing we do together and if libertarians don’t like it they should go live in Somalia:  You’d think this would undermine the Koch brothers trope

I think this was a big deal, and so this is accurate.


3 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 10/20

  1. pm1956

    Hey, i know that if you don’t take things just a bit over the edge, no one will read, but, it is my role to pint out when you do step over that line, so….

    1. There are lots of different deodorants for sale in Denmark
    2. Parking meters will not lose Coleman an election, nor will they impoverish Grand Avenue businesses.
    3. The number of both hunters and gun owners is getting smaller as a percentage of the population. Yes, a committed/organized minority is better at getting what it wants than a waffly majority, but over time, gross numbers do matter. If those trends continue over the long term (and I expect that they will, as our population becomes increasingly urbanized), gun control WILL become the law of the land. Of course, in the long term, you and I are dead, so i won’t be able to say “I told you so”. Actually, I do expect that there will be a variety of technological fixes that neuter the political debate (bio-metric trigger guards, better crime fighting (gunshot location technology) technology, better personal protection technology, etc.) as well. At some point in time, guns will become a quaint hobby of a few enthusiasts that are generally tolerated but considered to be more than a little weird (sort of like model trains, but more so).
    4. Both political parties are in transition, not trouble
    5. I like the Koch Brothers on sentencing reform. They have also been strong supporters of zoos and many environmental projects. I disagree with them on Citizens United.
    6. i think that the bombing of the MSF hospital was outrageous. Several people should lose their jobs over that. I know an ER Doc at HCMC who was the President of the US Chapter of MSF. They do a great job.


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