Jots w/ dots 10/16

No left turns  Thing is, people aren’t that ideological, which actually tips in favor of a mildly right-ist political landscape.  Which is why it’s true that America was/is a center-right nation.  I just don’t think that’s changed.

The making of President Rubio / I’m just not sure the country is ready to elect a sexless nag for President:  Ezra think’s it’s Rubio v Clinton.  Such that the potentiality of a Biden run seems diminished, I agree.

HRC is going to pick Julian Castro apparently.  Ya know, to have a Hispanic on the ticket such that the GOP will no doubt have one.

I think this is probably true.   I think Rubio is going to win though.

TPM issues a dog whistle for Carly answering right

I think bat flipping is fine, by the way  Published elsewhere, I’d picked Houston and CHI for the wildcard victors, and Toronto, Houston, LA, and CHI for the divisional victors.  So, just a couple wrong by now, but the big ones, CHI and TOR, are still in it for the World Series.   I think this is the year, Cubs, team of destiny.  Also… Chris Colabello of TOR now, at his advanced age and circuitous route to the majors, is going to come out of this with the credibility to have an 8 year career in which he’s made $7 – $10 mil.  Ya know, a second coming of Kevin Millar.  …I called that, cuz when he was here I could see he could hit.

Kareem Abdul-Jabber, cowboy gun enthusiast:  I find this reassuring.  It can’t be wrong if Kareem’s into it.


3 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 10/16

  1. pm1956

    I have a really tough time imagining that the Mets can beat the Cubs, but I think that KC/Toronto is a closer matchup. I think that KC will win the series.

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I agree with him completely through section I and II. It’s been on my list to remember the polarity between Hobbes and Locke…. That’s it, that’s the high level philosophical arena. The gun people make the Locke argument all the time whether they know it or not.

      Then in III he writes that the ideological argument can be persuasive in a way that the statistical / epidemiological argument has not been. I think this ratifies that the statistical argument re gun / violence is not that persuasive. But I don’t think the philosophical argument on state security etc is thus any more superior, and my judgement from being immersed / informed in the culture is it won’t be any more persuasive. The power of the attachment to the guns and to the Locke-ian ideal is not going to be superseded by a counter philosophical argument of really any quality.

      There is no winning over of hearts to be done at this point. It’s not to say the Democrats can’t have all 3 branches sometime in the next 20 years and do something. But that’s what it’s going to take, an Obamacare style cram down. Which is not persuasion. And at that point, even with Democrat control of all three branches, I still think the electoral politics make a cram down impossible.

      People like me don’t have much legitimacy in telling Democrats what they ought to do, but I still think its a non-problem, a political loser, and they’d benefit by taking my advice to drop it.


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