Sick Pay

The instinct is to think of this as concerning only restaurants and some other retail.

I’m hourly actually, albeit at a rate 8 or 9 times the minimum wage, and I do not accrue sick pay.  Or PTO at all.  It’s unclear to me if the Minneapolis’ proposal includes the professional W2 hourly class.  If it did, I’d think it would make the proposal untenable.  Or further untenable.  Which doesn’t mean it won’t get enacted…  Anyway, I am currently working in Hennepin County, but not within the city limits….

Jots w/ dots 10/12

WWP  I don’t think it stands that we primarily assert the ‘slippery slope’ to confiscation, and that this is the reason the gun people dominate the conversation and repel chestnuts of wisdom like “guns ought to be regulated as much as cars.” Our overwhelming verbosity is enabled by a much deeper repertoire than ‘slippery slope’.

Yeah, this is a conservative chestnut  I’ve never argued it, because I think it requires an actual history where all the families in the shtetl had guns to be confiscated, and I don’t think that’s the case.  They didn’t have a lot of guns, just as mine in the villages of Scandinavia and Ireland did not.  The abundance of guns where all the families have a few is an American thing, made possible by American mass production and the pre-1900 American farm town hardware store.  BUT, I think it’s a valid point, that if you’re armed, you can better assert some defiance over whether you’re to be genocided or not. Which is good.  See:  Custer, George Armstrong. Know what the Sioux and Cheyenne had that Custer didn’t?  Rifles with large capacity magazines, gotten from a trader who probably ordered them in a hardware store.  Straw buyers and dangerous weaponry, kind of a same as it ever was thing there.

I’m not for it.  I think it takes a certain amount of maturity to get it here.

Pres didn’t get the impression there was an intent to “hide something or to squirrel away information.”  I don’t know how you come to this conclusion, because the observation one might make is not at all opaque ie that the server existed to thwart FOIA requests that might reveal Sidney Blumenthal was running the Libya campaign.  But hey, it’s a noble lie right?  HRC is for good and the alternative is the Koch brothers….

I agree with this counter intuitive notion


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