Jots w/ dots 10/6

I said that:  As an advanced gun guy, this fellow works kind of an NRA contrarian angle.  Thus he’s got a column in Huffpo…  Well he’s dubious about HRC closing the gunshow loophole administratively:

Josh Marshall:  Hey we’ve been saying we don’t want to take guns away all these years … What if we stopped doing that and told the truth…. Good luck with that.

True, I guess, but I wouldn’t invest in Ruger over Apple.  And I like Ruger.  But Ruger is small cap stuff and has limited growth prospects.  The gun business is good now because the politics are volatile, not because the business is intrinsically good.

I agree with this counterintuitive notion:

I don’t expect he’d lose any worse than Hillary


2 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 10/6

  1. pm1956

    What is all this gun jibber jabber? How come you’re not talking about important stuff like the Cubs making it to the playoffs and when they’ll choke?


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