Morwood, the aftermath

Morwood, the aftermath

Now the U brass is going after the thing where you gather the guys around at work and show what great porn you’ve found to look at on your iPhone.  Unbelievable.  But really….  This is bewildering that this behavior goes on…. Somewhere, anywhere….I have never been privy to that extreme male jocularity, wasn’t cool enough or jocky enough…. nor would I want to be privy.  Anyway, ya know I very much endeavor to understand how people make a living and what work pays what.  Like Studs Terkel would amiright.  And in understanding that to work is to toil, just about no matter what the qualitative attributes of what you toil at, there’s very few circumstances in which I would remark someone was overpaid  I think this Ellis was overpaid, by almost thrice.  That’s not a $153K job, whatever he was doing.  I guess what’s also astounding is the career track for a $150k assistant AD job or even a $450k AD job starts by doing the team’s laundry as an undergrad student manager.  Even if I understand that as a potential payoff, not sure I could make myself stand there and wash other dudes’ jockstraps.  Too subservient.

Jots w/ dots 9/4

Hey ya know all those Republicans, their anti-immigrant stance is a bigoted reaction to the browning of America and the loss of white privilege….  This lefty short hand is I think just the typical claim of racism used to dismiss substantial observations, here about allowing in hordes of people who distort the labor market, swamp the crim justice system, need state welfare benefits to subsist, worsen poverty / inequality problems.  Remediating all that shit takes taxing and spending, in fact ends up being demanded (ironically right…).  While the alternative, not allowing these hordes to move in and swamp the system such that we can control it… and we probably can control it, eh…ya know, that’s not inferior in logic actually, controlling it.   So it’s not really anxiety over the browning of America alrighty, it is not substantially that, and people who think it is are being deliberately obtuse or worse.

Hewitt does this to a lot of people.  Its good.

Taking bribes (the $16M no show chancellor job for WJC) from for profit schools and doing their bidding at the State Dept, ya know, that ought to be disqualifying for a Democrat candidate.  Must be noble graft eh, not the Koch brothers kind.

I always thought she was a great looking woman  which is contrary to Republican notions that she’s big, ungainly, and horsy or something.  I’m pretty sure I’m the one who’s right there.

Merle Haggard doesn’t like bro country:    It’s not that I like it, it’s gone past what I liked in the 80’s.  But I think the hedonism / nihilism thing that is reflected in the odes to beer drinking and screwing on pickup tailgates has got its mirror image in hip hop.



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