Sanders triangulating on guns, BLM, and law & order politics  Something for everyone there.  He’s a lefty, trying to capture the (D) nomination from the left.  And here he tries to tack left on BLM and guns, which can be done without dissonance.  But then he’s all, we gotta have the best paid police….  That’s law and order pandering, a right ward move.  Now, I don’t know that gets the vote of anyone who’d reject Sanders bc he’s otherwise too lefty, and then I think it’s, yeah, dissonant to the granola / Chomsky-ites that are the core of Sanders following.  Its dissonance might be primarily instinctual, as the granolas are peaceniks and the Chomsky-ites are anti-hierarchy (and the police protect the hierarchy…).  But thing is, police are not underpaid, so there’s a matter of it not being true.  Urban and suburban policing is often a $85k job, and when it’s not that it’s often a $67.5k gig.  These guys are not underpaid, it would be nice if some truthful explanatory journalism got done on the topic

Jots w/ dots  8/31

This is perhaps stupid enough to be disqualifying:  Not that he was doing great anyway.

Conservative outrage dujour:  I can’t make myself get ginned up about this.  I have been to Alaska, know people there…. They all call it Denali…. And actually, I mighta been under the impression it already had been renamed.

Gun Show loophole / background checks  I observed this before… almost none of these infamous shooters are ever found to have used the second hand market, where exists the ‘gun show loophole’.  That’s because these infamous shooters are never real gun guys, and lack a couple things required to navigate the second hand gun market:  a) the sophistication and credibility to complete a private party gun deal with a stranger, probably a couple years worth experience swimming in the milieu, and b) cash.  They’re both important.  Armslist gun sellers are consistently skittish such that they’ll ignore you if you come off like a poseur or a hood.  But the money might be the more effective screen.  First, there is a tendency for sellers to ask retail prices for used stuff on Armslist, and not be receptive (downright hostile actually) to lower offers.  But the big thing is, you can’t buy a gun off Armslist via a credit card authorization like you can retail.  You want that Glock some guy in Plymouth has?  You’ll need $600 cash or whatever.  Which is not an insignificant amount of money to most people, a purchase like that requires a paycheck and then the ability to clear expenses from a succession of paychecks.  It’s got to be important / you have to value that / see the value to make it happen.  Just throwing it out there for sake of theory, but a barrier to entry into the gun world based on the ability to pay cash at the retail sales counter would probably be much more effective in screening dubious personalities than would background checks for the secondary market.


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