Well, the rich got their taxes raised whereas the rest of us mostly did not 

http://www.wrywingpolitics.com/about-that-soaking-of-minnesotas-rich/  So they were ‘soaked’ as far as it goes that taxing the rich to pay for stuff is a tax argument / policy and an English language idiom.  That’s what Dayton did.  But I agree, it wasn’t a very big tax hike.  And so there, it was a success:  the tax hike paid for governmental stuff,  the economy remains robust here in MN, the sky didn’t fall.  Loveland is moving the goalposts a bit though, as he and others also argued for the tax hike because it was to ostensibly remediate income inequality.  That was complete BS / completely insincere, also because the rate and revenue capture was not significant enough to affect the rich’s taxes as percentage of income metrics.


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